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    If you are planning to work and live in the UAE, you will require your degree certificate attested. If you do not have a degree certificate, a diploma certificate or highest qualification certificate can be attested for UAE depending on the job you will take up in the UAE.

    Attestation is sometimes referred to as legalisation.

    The United Arab Emirates will usually require documents that originate in Malaysia to be attested prior to them being used in the UAE.

    If providing GloboPrime of a partially attested certificate until the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, this Ministry of Foreign Affairs has a minimum of 1 year validity.

    • The stages of attestation services for UAE in Malaysia include, translation if required , attestation at the Ministry of Higher Education , attestation at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Kuala Lumpur and lastly attestation at the UAE embassy in Kuala Lumpur.
    • Once the certificate attestation for UAE is completed in Malaysia, the document is returned to us in UAE to further get the UAE attestation services done locally.

    If you are sponsoring your wife and children then the Malaysian marriage certificate attestation and Malaysian birth certificate attestation of the children has to be done. We would require either the original or a retrieved copy from the registrar. The attestation takes place on these originals.

    We attest police clearance certificates and/or any document that requires to be used in the UAE.

    GloboPrime can provide certificate attestation for UAE for all commercial documents, If you are planning to setup an offshore parent company or setting up a Foreign branch of your company in UAE. The most commonly attested set of documents are Certificate of Incorporation, Board Resolution, Power of Attorney, Memorandum and Articles of Association, Shareholder’s certificate etc.

    It is imperative to check with the respective licensing authority in UAE of what the requirements are prior to commencing the attestation process. This would save time and money. Our best advice is to check with a lawyer or law firm. They are your best sought after people when you are about to start up. Their advise protects your interests.

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