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Driving Licence Attestation and Apostille Services

If you are leaving in UAE then you can covert a foreign Driving licence to UAE Licence, Driving Licence attestation is a process of document authentication observed by international governments in which an attestation stamp from the concerned authority is acquired If you intend to use a document In UAE then local authorities require it to be legalised before it can be considered valid.

Driving License Attestation from UAE embassy worldwide – A new requirement

If you are new to UAE and just settling in, the first thing on your agenda would be to secure your UAE residence visa and apply for your emirates ID, After this is complete, then one feels more relaxed as it becomes convenient to open a bank account, get a rental apartment / villa and finally get familiar with places in UAE, Commuting within the UAE can be done through various transportation facilities. It could be by bus, metro, water taxis, trams, taxi, carpooling etc.

Expats living abroad most often secure driving licenses in order to be mobile and accessible to grocery stores, hospitals, shopping malls or even picnicking when it comes to leisure activities.

If you already have a valid driving license of another country and would like to convert the same to a UAE license, it used to be very straightforward few years ago.

Securing your driving license in UAE is one part of setting up your life here. It can be quite stressful which is second to organizing your UAE residency.

Most of the expatriates in UAE, struggle to secure a driving license due to elaborate driving tests which MUST include a certain number of driving lessons and theory tests.

Transfer a foreign existing driving licence to UAE licence

There’s good news for expats from certain countries, as they are able to apply to transfer their current driver’s license to a UAE driving license, If an expat has a license from a country where the license can be swapped, he does not have to go through rigourous training once again in UAE. There are certain country’s driving license that can be exchanged.

If you are an UAE expat who hold a valid driving license from any of the countries below , you are in luck because you can transfer your driving license and pay a fee to RTA.

A transferable driver’s license in UAE is available to expats from the following countries:

Belgium, Spain, France, US, Italy, Germany, Denmark, Switzerland, Netherlands , Slovakia , Ireland, Austria , Greece , Sweden , China , Poland , Canada , Turkey , Norway , Latvia, New Zealand , Serbia , South Africa, Finland, Hungary, Luxembourg , Portugal, Lithuania , Singapore, Hong Kong, Romania , Japan , Korea, The United Kingdom , Australia

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List of Documents Authentication Visa Services we can assist you with!

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