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    PRO, also known as the Public Relations Officer, is a liaison officer in the UAE who assists you throughout the business setup and UAE visa process in Dubai. Our PRO services entail the complete clearance and processing of all the government documents for UAE residence visa services in  Dubai.

    What can we do for you?

    Although, UAE is one of the most investor-friendly countries in the world. Every business owner in the UAE dreads incurring huge fines.

    Our PRO completely understands the complexities of the legal system in Dubai. We can help you with any or all of the following:

    Document Clearance & Processing in regards to:

    Business Setup/Company Formation

    GloboPrime takes care of all the paperwork, laises with the relevant government authorities and makes sure all of the above mentioned tasks are performed as per the UAE law. Focus on your business and leave all the paperwork to us.

    Paperwork For the

    Why do you need to Hire a PRO in Dubai?

    There are many legal requirements that need to be fulfilled by the companies operating in the UAE. Coming from different parts of the world, business owners in the UAE are not aware of all the legal requirements. They may incur huge fines in case of a failure to abide by the UAE law. Therefore, most companies engage a PRO to look after the legal matters associated with the visa applications.

    Assistance WIth the UAE Employee Visa

    To be able to work in Dubai, your employees need a work permit and a valid UAE visa. There are many prerequisites for applying for an employee visa in Dubai. Having been assisted by our experienced team of PRO officers, your visa process would be a smooth ride. Our team is acquainted with all the necessary legalities and processes.

    Assistance WIth the Business Setup in Dubai

    Considering the fact that setting up a company in Dubai is very hectic and brings along a lot of hurdles and obstacles, a well-resourced PRO company in Dubai would help you get clearance with low costs. And also in a very short span of time.

    As a foreigner, you might face difficulties in understanding the laws of UAE and documenting the paperwork. This is why hiring PRO services would help you the most, especially in regard to the visa services in Dubai. This is where Globoprime will ensure high-quality assistance.

    Our team of expert PROs have developed close relationships with the trusted partners, professionals, and government authorities. Partner with Globoprime To meet the best PRO services in Dubai. It provides a full spectrum of professional PRO support services that interfaces with the government ministries.

    Our service would gain all the necessary approvals and licenses that are necessary for daily operations. We make sure that every step of the visa process is smooth and easy for you.

    Why hire us?

    We offer expert PRO services in Dubai to small, medium-sized companies and large enterprises in Dubai. Here are the reasons why you must hire GloboPrime for all your PRO requirements:

        Globoprime is a nationally recognized and registered PRO Service provider in Dubai with over a decade of experience. We offer expert PRO services in Dubai to

        small, medium-sized companies and large enterprises in Dubai. Here are the 5 reasons why you must hire Globoprime for all your PRO requirements

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