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    The Purpose & Process to Apply For the Police Clearance Certificate in the UAE


    A police clearance certificate (PCC) is a proof of your good conduct. The certificate is issues to both the categories of people – those who are no longer living in the UAE and those who are currently residing in Dubai. The core aim of issuing the PCC is to make UAE one of the safest countries in the world.

    Learn how to apply for Police Clearance Certificate and what documents are needed.

    What Is A Police Clearance Certificate?

    A Police Clearance Certificate is also known as ‘Criminal Clearance Certificate’ and ‘Good Conduct Certificate’. It is actually a copy of the criminal record of a person in the state in which he/she resides. The certificate is issued by the Police Headquarters in Al Qiyada for Dubai and across the UAE. A PCC proves that an individual does not have any criminal precedents or is not accused for committing any illegal offense.

    How To Apply?

    The easiest way to apply for PCC is online. There are many websites that deal in this direction. However, you can get it offline as well. After completing all the essential procedures and submitting the needed documents, get it from the Dubai Police office.

    Documents Required

    What Documents Are Needed For Police Clearance Certificate?

    Basic Facts

    Some Basic Facts about Police Clearance Certificate
    As per the language, the applicant’s nationality and the applicant’s current place of residence, the fee of issuing the PCC is roughly AED 320 + a small processing fee will apply.
    There are many online sources working in this direction to make life less complicated for issuing a PCC, just reach out to them.

    List of Police Clearance Certificate legalization we can assist you with!

    PCC Certificate Attestation
    for GCC

    PCC Document Attestation
    For Europe

    Good Contact Certificate Attestation For Asia


    Applicants who are currently living in the UAE or who are no longer residents in the UAE may apply for the PCC. You can apply for the certificate online at moi.gov.ae or via the Ministry of Interior’s mobile app MOI UAE, which is available on iTunes and Google Play.
    Simply log into the Dubai Police app, go to the “criminal services” section, select “criminal status in financial crimes,” enter the Emirates ID number, and confirm via SMS.
    After it is released, the police clearance certificate is valid for three months.
    The word “police certificate” refers to a statement from relevant police agencies about each applicant’s history, including all convictions, the reasons for the arrests, and the disposition of each case for which there is a record.
    A Police Clearance Certificate (PCC), also known as a “Good Conduct Certificate,” is evidence of a person’s criminal record, or lack thereof, in the state where he or she lives. The certificate is given by police departments throughout the UAE and means that the individual has never been charged with a crime or has no criminal history.

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