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Equivalency process for Degrees Originating from Outside of UAE


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    The Ministry of Education in UAE provides a service related to the Education industry. All ex-pats who move to the UAE at some point will need to liaise with MOE for their services. An equivalency certificate is a valid document that aims to provide the applicants with a comparison of their qualifications issued by accredited colleges/ universities outside the UAE.

    The process to apply for an Equivalency certificate in UAE is as follows:

    • Attestation of certificates
    • Dataflow verification

    • ICA report (commonly called travel history or entry & exit report)

    • Application on MOE portal

    Attestation and UAE Equivalency process for the degrees originating from United Kingdom

    The process for equivalency certificate for UK documents comprises of 4 main steps, namely:

    The first step for applying for UK degree equivalency is attestation.

    The scope includes:
    The above process takes roughly 3-4 weeks

    The second step for applying for UK degree equivalency is Dataflow verification or commonly called Genuine certificate (authenticity of qualification)

    Dataflow verification is a process by which the educational qualification is verified from the UK university through DATAFLOW and sent directly to the Ministry of Education in UAE.

    The approximate time frame will take 30 working days and largely depends on the response from the university.

    The third step for applying for UK degree equivalency is securing an ICA report also called as attendance in the country of study

    In order to secure an ICA report, it is mandatory to have a UAE residence and a valid emirates ID

    We require the passport copy and emirates id copy along with the visa page. The ICA report is a soft copy dated from the year 2000 till date.

    The last step for applying for UK degree equivalency is applying on the MOE portal

    The MOE equivalency application process can take anywhere between 1 to 3 months depending on the equivalency panel at MOE.

    Once the application is lodged with MOE, it will take roughly 10 days for the initial verification. After completing initial verification, the application is then active at MOE.

    Attestation of UK certificates for UAE Equivalency

    Dataflow of UK certificates for UAE Equivalency

    Who Issues the Equivalency in UAE?

    The Ministry of Education in UAE issue the certificate of Equivalency

    Who needs certificate of Equivalency in UAE?

    How long does the equivalency process take?

    Once the application has been generated on the MOE portal, it takes roughly 2-3 months to process within MOE

    Any Certificate attestation From the Following Countries

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