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    Below you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions (FAQ) about Apostille services, Degree certificate attestation, Attestation services UAE and globally. If you don’t find what you are looking for below, contact us. We welcome the opportunity to answer your queries.

    What is certificate attestation?
    Certificate attestation is an official confirmation that a signature, seal, or stamp on a document is genuine. Verification means the degree/diploma is verified by the university and termed as authentic. Getting your degree certificate attestation completed, increases the credibility of your documents. The process of certificate attestation globally or in the UAE must be carried out in accordance with the specific government’s rules and regulations. At GloboPrime, we carry out the certificate attestation on your behalf, whether or not you are physically present.

    Why should I hire a certificate attestation company? Why can’t I do it myself?
    Using a professional attestation service company can take away much of the stress of ensuring that all the requirements are met for attestation. It also reduces the risk of costly delays or errors. GloboPrime offer a door-to-door attestation service for all overseas documents, both in the United Kingdom and across Europe and the world through our network of trusted partners.

    Why trust GloboPrime with your important documents?
    GloboPrime values our customer’s time and delivers the best customer experience with easy and simple steps for document attestation from any part of the World.

    • Over 100 Countries Served – we are where no one else is!
    • Regular updates throughout for peace of mind
    • Experience you can trust, that we know what we’re doing

    GloboPrime will NEVER misuse your personal information. We use DHL International for a safe and secure service of your documents.

    When do we need certificate attestation services in Dubai?
    Type of Document: Degree certificates (degree/diploma) and experience certificates. Attested certificates are required for obtaining an employment visa in UAE, for most designations.

    UAE Residence Visa for Family
    Type of Document: Marriage certificates. Marriage certificate attestation is required to obtain residence visa for spouse. If sponsoring children then their birth certificate attestation is required.
    If the parents are divorcee’s , then the divorce certificate requires to be attested.

    Higher Education
    Type of Document: Educational certificates. Attested certificates are required by foreign universities at the time of enrolment.

    School Admissions in Dubai
    Type of Document: School transfer certificate. In order to get admission in any school in UAE, you must present an attested school transfer certificate of your child from the previous school.

    Business Setup in UAE
    Type of Document: Board Resolution, Power of Attorney, Memorandum & Articles of Association , Certificate of Incorporation , Certificate of good standing etc. Depending on where you want to open a business in UAE (Mainland or Freezone) , you must present attested commercial documents here from the UAE embassy in the country of origin of the documents.

    Marriage in UAE
    Type of Document: Singleness certificate has to be attested and presented in UAE if you are marrying here.

    If the certificate is laminated what should you do?
    If the certificate is from India, then not to worry, our Indian service partner are experts in removing the lamination from the back of the certificate and organise the stamping behind the document.

    What is an equivalency certificate and why is it required in the UAE?
    Equivalency certification is the process by which the Ministry of Education in UAE endorse the educational qualification and confirm the education to be equal to UAE standard.

    The equivalency certificate is required because it filters out all the fake degrees.

    The certificate that requires to be equivalized has to be attested from the home country Foreign Affairs & UAE embassy in that country.

    There is a certain criteria to the degree or studies that the Ministry of Education or the Equivalency panel look for:

    The study should be full time regular
    The study should not be online study
    The study should not be distant educatio
    Equivalency is required for all degree certificates ie Bachelors, Masters, PHD etc

    High school equivalency is also a MUST when pursuing higher studies in UAE.

    What are all the categories of profession/occupation that require an equivalency certificate?
    Equivalency is required for most categories of professionals namely:

    Students –
    Who wish to pursue higher studies in UAE, high school equivalency is a must.

    Professors & faculty members / Teachers –
    All teaching and university faculty need to equivalise their highest qualification whether their Bachelors, Masters or PHD.

    The Bachelor of Education course certificate cannot be attested since this is just a 2 year course. The bachelor degree requires to be equivalised.

    Engineers –
    All engineers who work in various engineering departments , require to equivalise their engineering degree.

    Once they equivalise their engineering degree, only then can they register for a Society of Engineering card (SOE) and this SOE is mandatory by the Dubai Municipality to do all engineering related works.

    People applying for UAE golden visa –
    With the new rule of golden visas, the expat applying for such a visa has to have an equivalency certificate from the Ministry of Education.


    All expats working in Government offices in UAE –
    Most expats working in government entities are now being requested to produce an equivalency certificate.

    This depends greatly on which government entity they work for and in what capacity.

    Technically related, then an Equivalency could be a MUST.

    Medical staff (Doctors & Nurses)
    Though the medical staff have a different way of being verified through Dataflow , they are now being asked to secure an equivalency as well.

    There are 3 categories of Equivalency namely High school equivalency , Bachelor’s equivalency and Master’s equivalency

    High school equivalency :

    High school equivalency is required by all students who have studied inside or outside of UAE and wish to join universities in UAE.

    Depending on the curriculums , British, Amercian and Baccalaureate, the high school diploma and the last three years of transcripts need to be attested prior to applying for equivalency.

    Bachelor’s Equivalency :

    Bachelor equivalency is required for all holders of Bachelor study.

    Master’s Equivalency

    Masters equivalency is required for all holders of Masters study.

    What are the various steps involved in getting an equivalency certificate?
    The steps involved for equivalency are :

    Step 1

    Attestation of the study that requires equivalency

    If equivalising bachelor degree:


    Final Year Marksheet (transcript)

    Plus Two certificate

    10th certificate

    If equivalising Masters degree:


    Final Year Marksheet (transcript)

    Bachelor degree

    Bachelor final year transcript

    Step 2

    Applying for a genuinity letter from the respective country embassy that the document originate.

    This is a back end verification done by the embassy directly with the university. There is a set of pre qualified questions that is sent from the embassy to the university.

    The university responds to the embassy after they verify and a copy of this verification mail goes to Ministry of Education directly.

    For most Asian countries , the Genuity letter is a MUST , while for some countries they do not require this step. I have attached a list for reference.

    Step 3

    Securing an ICA report otherwise called a travel history report (from 2000-2021).


    Step 4

    Applying for Equivalency certificate from Ministry of Education portal.

    Documents required :

    Passport copy & visa page

    Emirates ID COPY

    ICA report

    Genuity letter (if available)

    All attested documents (as per list above)

    What are the costs involved in getting an equivalency certificate?
    Attestation costs vary depending from which country the documents originate from.

    GloboPrime can assist with attestation from over 104 countries if client requires.

    ICA report : AED 153 (ONLINE) , this is the government fee @ cost

    Ministry of Education cost for Equivalency this is the government fee @ cost:

    High School : AED 50

    Bachelor equivalency : AED 100

    Masters equivalency : AED 150

    PHD equivalency : AED 200

    If the certificates are from any other country, please contact us for further advise.

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    Any certificate attestation from the following countries

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