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    GloboPrime 100 % Service Guarantee

    We are pleased to roll out our Service Guarantee to all clients that use our regular clearing services. Some assume that services are not guaranteed. After all, human delivery of resources is considered to be less reliable than machines. We do think differently though. It’s too safe to assume that we are doing a “good enough” service. Therefore, a blue ocean strategy must lie in service differentiation in this competitive industry which competes on cost leadership, causing a race to the bottom and compromising the livelihood of the workers.

    It is pertinent to mention here that all the documents we process are legally accepted in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Our services are backed with a 100% service guarantee.

    Our Guarantee to you

    At GloboPrime we are focused on delivering impeccable, attestation services to our clients to facilitate their movement to the UAE and to help their growth. We will guide you expertly through the whole process to make sure you get your documentation attested as cost-effectively and comfortably as possible.  When you choose GloboPrime, you can count on a level of customer service that is second-to-none. You can sit back, relax and breathe easy with our Service Guarantee. We always put our customers first, striving to provide the best possible workmanship and customer experience.

    You can depend on us at GloboPrime to provide complete end-to-end attestation services for everything needed to prepare your UAE and beyond documents! For our clients, we focus on attestation services in Dubai to ease their day-to-day business needs here. Attestation procedures are most commonly adhered to for issuance of visas, residency permits or work permits and include certification of educational credentials, marriage certificates and power of attorney documents.

    In any event, situation or whatever reason, a document that had been successfully been attested by GloboPrime from the Country of Origin gets rejected in the UAE, we will do the following:

    1. Either offer you a FULL REFUND
    2. Get your documents re-attested, FREE OF CHARGE
    3. FAST TRACK the completion of your attestation process (where possible) to minimize any inconvenience

    As per the above option no.2, in case if the documents are required to be attested again, the following requirements are to be fulfilled:

    We must reach the organization or the institution responsible for refusing your attested documents first, and then confirm their cause for the action. We will help resolve the matter up to a level allowed by the law. It is the best way to reduce delays and rectify any problems on an urgent basis.

    Restrictions to the guarantee

    This guarantee is only applicable when you have provided us with correct details and valid documents and it is your responsibility to provide us with legally acceptable documents for attesting. It is also your responsibility to check the requirements of the person or organization you are presenting your documents to as we will not be held liable for any consequences should any wrong documents get submitted to us. Do not provide any forged documents or any incorrect information to GloboPrime as it may result in severe penalty or imprisonment as per Article 361 of the Companies Law UAE Federal Law No. 2 of 2015 and other provisions which criminalizes false information. Any fraudulent or suspicious activity may result in termination of our contract with you and abolish any service guarantee provided. GloboPrime holds all rights to report any suspicious activity under the law.

    Any certificate attestation from the following countries

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