Entry and Exit Report


How to obtain an Entry and Exit Certificate (ICA report) from the UAE Immigration?

An ICA report is the record of entry and exit of an ex-pat to/ from the UAE. It’s also known as the entry and exit certificate / Movement report

Entry/Exit travel history is a report obtained from the Federal Authority of Identity and Citizenship (FAIC) that show the travel history/movement report of a resident (inside or outside the UAE),
providing all the details such as date of entry/exit, destination, Airport /Seaport, etc

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    There are two types of Entry/ Exit Travel Report:

    1. Single Entry/ Exit Travel Report: reflects the last updated status of the applicant
    (inside or outside the UAE).

    2. Detailed Entry/ Exit Passenger Report: reflects the full history of entry/exit status
    details for the applicant (inside or outside the UAE).

    What is the content of the ICA report?

    The ICA report contains fields as below:

      • Arrival & departure destinations
      • Passport number
      • Transaction type (entry or exit)
      • Transaction date (date of travel)
      • Port name (Airport / Seaport)
      • Port type (Air or Sea PORT)

    Who needs an ICA report?

    Most ex-pats who have resided in UAE, residing in UAE, or at some point have touched down in UAE would require an ICA report.

    For example, if you are applying for an equivalency certificate in UAE, the ICA report is a mandatory document to be uploaded while applying for certificate equivalency on the Ministry of Education portal.

    It may also be required for someone who is planning to immigrate to Canada, Australia, UK etc.

    If an ex-pat whose country of origin is a taxable country and he/ she is living or has lived in the UAE, they need to produce a tax residency certificate or tax domicile certificate in their country of citizenship. To secure this tax residency certificate, you must secure an Immigration Report of residency ( Entry and Exit Report) first. This is part of the documentation to submit to the Ministry of Finance in UAE.

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    Your passport copy and emirates ID copy is required

    Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship( ICA ) was established in Sep 24, 2004ICA included recording personal and vital data for the entire population of the state and storing it in electronic databases in collaboration with the competent authorities, as well as issuing the Emirates ID Card to each individual who was registered and contained the Emirates ID number, readable data, and data stored on an electronic chip that could be used in all entities.

    Yes, a customized report is possible depending on which data is required as your movement report.

    This report can be secured from GDRFA (General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs)

    GDRFA is a government organization that keeps a track of the entry and exit of travelers to and from the UAE. They also take care of issuing residency for foreign nationals.

    There is a cost involved with each ICA report. We do not have an exact figure for you as individual cases are priced differently depending on your circumstances and needs. We would like to assist you and can provide a Free Case Evaluation if you would like more information.

    Yes we can obtain the entry and exit report from particualr date as you  required

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