Community And Environmental Policy

Community And Environmental Policy



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    GloboPrime Documents Clearing Services LLC is committed to protecting the environment and ensuring the sustainability of our community. Sustainability and eco-efficiency are the foundations of all GloboPrime Documents Clearing Services LLC operations. Our approach is to control the environmental risks and effects of the business process. We strive to reduce our impact, minimize issues and stay ahead in our protection and conservation approach.

    Community and Environmental Policy

    GloboPrime Documents Clearing Services LLC, one of the leading businesses in the UAE, recognizes that conducting business in highly diverse social, environmental and cultural contexts demands commitment in pursuing a common objective of sustainable economic development concerning the direct impact of the companiy’s business and areas of influence.

    We are dedicated to maintaining the highest quality and environmental standards in all our activities. Furthermore, we ensure that our business is carried out in a responsible and considerate manner and is involved at every stage, including maintenance, operation and facilities management of support services.

    Our Company’s objective is to integrate fully environmental and social factors into all business strategies with a view to contribute towards sustainable development and drive towards sustainability with a focus on the social, economic and environmental impacts of its operations reflect its key values of openness, mutual dependency and collaboration.

    GloboPrime Documents Clearing Services LLC’s environmental and community policy adheres to strict operational guidelines to ensure we have minimal impact on the eco-systems we operate in. We work hard to persuade and sustain awareness among our employees, contractors, suppliers and communities about the impact our business activities can have on the environment around us and place heavy emphasis on the responsible behavior we expect from them to eliminate, reduce and control potential environmental impacts. We seek to minimize the depletion of both local and global natural resources by optimizing materials and energy use, recovery, re-use, and recycling.

    We also strive to ensure that our neighbors, communities, and other affected parties experience the least environmental impact from our activities. GloboPrime Documents Clearing Services LLC continually develops, maintains and improves performance by complying with best practice, legal and other requirements, furthering this process through frequent communication with contractors, customers, legislation bodies, environmental experts and shareholders. GloboPrime Documents Clearing Services LLC is committed to upholding the highest standards in environmental sustainability across all aspects of our operations.

    We work in line with the ‘green vision’ of the UAE, working towards strengthening awareness on a greener lifestyle through energy and water efficiency. We will continue to be vigilant in conserving natural resources, preventing environmental pollution and maintaining the ecological balance for the long-term welfare of our communities and future generations.

    Purpose and Scope of this policy

    The purpose of this policy is to set out GloboPrime Documents Clearing Services LLC’s approach to achieving its community and environmental objectives, and the responsibilities.


    • To ensure that GloboPrime Documents Clearing Services LLC evaluates and continuously improves its environmental performance.
    • To provide services to clients in a way that takes appropriate account of environmental and sustainability issues.
    • To reduce resource consumption by decreasing wastage and recycling materials where appropriate.
    • To reduce energy consumption and to use energy wisely and reduce our CO² emissions measured on a tonnes per employee basis.
    • To meet the requirements of relevant environmental legislation within each region.
    • To maintain and enhance the reputation of GloboPrime Documents Clearing Services LLC by ensuring that environmental issues are identified, taken into account and appropriately managed.

    It is our organizational policy to carry out all measures reasonably means, exceed or develop all necessary or desirable requirements and to continually improve environmental performance. Therefore, GloboPrime Documents Clearing Services LLC will:

    • Comply with relevant environmental legal and other requirements, corporate guidelines and implement proactive self-monitoring to ensure compliance.
    • Consider all environmental aspects during planning and decision making process.
    • Promote environmental awareness amongst employees and management.
    • Commit to prevention of pollution.
    • Minimize material and energy wastage.
    • Use efficient and environment friendly materials.
    • Control noise emissions from operations.
    • Minimize the risks to the general public and employees from operations and activities undertaken by the Organization.

    GloboPrime Documents Clearing Services LLC believes that resource scarcity and pollution issues such as climate change will seriously challenge the success of businesses and communities if they are not addressed. Further, we realize that there is a great opportunity in better managing resources and waste across all organizations as it reduces costs and enhances competitiveness.

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