Ministry of Justice Attestation Services

Ministry of Justice Attestation Services

Ministry of Justice Attestation Services in Dubai, Abudhabi, UAE

The Ministry of Justice and Solicitor General attestation is the Ministry of Cabinet that provides the Government of United Arab Emirates with legal advice, (as Minister of Justice)

The Ministry supervises the courts and related prosecution services in the United Arab Emirates. The other tasks include the Attestation of Legal Documents and the licensing of lawyers, interpreters, and legal specialists.

How can I obtain documents certified by the Ministry of Justice?

The UAE Ministry of Justice was founded in 1971, shortly after the establishment of the federal government.The user can use MOJ service to request affidavits or authentications for the following:The user can use this service to request affidavits or authentications for the following:
Documents and requirements

How to get MOJ attestation?

Only a legally approved notary public can notarize the signatures on a document when the signatories are present in person. Document attestation by the Ministry of Justice, on the other hand, can be done by anybody and does not require the presence of the document’s owner.

When you require a certified translation of a document for legal, insurance, or other purposes, we stamp the document with our legal stamp and signature, certifying the accuracy of the translation. Then we take it to the Ministry of Justice to get it certified.

To guarantee that we may affix our legal stamp and signature to the translation, it must have been created locally in the UAE or have the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs stamp on it ahead of time.

The relevant national authority, then the consulate of the country in Dubai, and then the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Dubai Office, shall authenticate or certify all certificates of importance (nature, marriage), academic certificates, and all other certificates used in support of applications for work, residency, trade contracts etc.


You can take papers for authentication to the embassy of your nation and then bring the documents to the country’s department for Foreign affairs to check that the embassy certificate is legitimate. Finally, bring the paperwork for final attestation to the country’s UAE consulate.

The costs of the MOJ attestation are AED 50 per of the personal documents, whether issued in the UAE or outside the UAE.

Any Certificate attestation From the Following Countries


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