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Medical Report / Certificate Attestation Services in Dubai,UAE

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    This service provides for the attestation of medical report certificates issued by private hospitals or government health facilities, regardless of duration, for provision to employers

    Medical report attestation or legalization techniques to be finished in a Medical Document for the utilization of it in Foreign Countries like UAE, Qatar, Oman, Kuwait, USA, and every single other nation.

    Attestation of Medicals reports is the act of witnessing a Medical by authorized Departments with their official stamp and signature

    Affirms that, the Medical certificate testament has been given by that referenced division and Seal and signature on that specific Medical authentication is certified. Note that the methods for obtaining this service vary depending on the duration of medical reports and that medical reports or sick leave exceeding a period of five days requires the approval of the medical committee concerned.

    Medical report attestation is the process by which the Ministry of foreign affairs in UAE . It involves a few steps of certificate attestation at government departments in the country of origin of the document as well as in the UAE.

    GloboPrime, with its experience in handling attestation of certificates, will provide you the attested documents in a timely manner to ensure your equivalency certificate application is lodged quickly

    Why require medical report certificate and how do I obtain one?

    Medical report certificates are required to claim your health benefits like medical insurance or medical allowances from the company. A medical report or sick leave is a written statement from a doctor or another medically qualified physician which sign and stamp to the result of a medical report of a patient. It can take as a sick leave application or evidence of a health condition. Sick leave is a document or certificate that an employee is unfit for work Prior to the submission of your documents for Equivalency & attestation, you should ensure having the original documents.

    The main steps involved in this procedure are:

    If you are using the Smart Patient Portal:
    If you are requesting the report via hospitals:
    Document Required for medical certificate attestation

    How long it will take to retrieve the medical reports, and how much are the fees?

    It will take around 15 working days, and costs AED 300.

    Sick leave attestation is mandatorty for extending your leave applications and insurance purpose

    Required documents


    Foreign educational documents must be attested from the Ministry of foreign affairs of UAE which is  the last step in the process. Ministry of foreign affairs UAE will demand a UAE Embassy stamp from the country of origin. Once the attestation process is completed the document must be submitted in the Ministry of education along with other sets of the document for approval.

    Type of document and the country of document origin determines the process. Some countries allow copies to be attested.

    Submission at Ministry of Education or MOHESR (Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research) can be done after certificate attestation is completed.


    Type of document and the country of document origin determines the process. Some countries allow copies to be attested.

    Documents are to be attested as per specific requirements of Ministry of Education / MOHESR  authorities.

    MOFA UAE is the final government authority who stamp a non-UAE certificates intended to be used in UAE. It is a mandated step for Equivalency certificate.

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