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    Catholic church marriage certificate attestation in UAE

    If you are living in the UAE as an expat and want to have a marriage at St Mary’s church in Dubai, it is certainly possible. There are currently 9 catholic churches in the UAE.

    Catholic marriages can take place in any of the 9 catholic churches in the UAE. We have St Mary’s Catholic church & St Francis of Assisi Catholic church in Dubai. If marrying in the other emirates, its St. Michael’s Catholic Church in Sharjah, St Anthony’s Catholic Church in Ras Al Khaimah, St Joseph’s Cathedral in Abu Dhabi, Our Lady of Perpetual Help Catholic Church in Fujairah, St Paul’s Catholic church in Musaffah, St John The Baptist Catholic Ruwais and St. Mary’s Catholic church Al Ain.

    To have a church marriage in Dubai, at least one spouse must be Roman Catholic, and one of them must be resident in Dubai. The minimum age for a woman to marry is 18 years and for a man is 21.

    Dubai Marriage documentation required  (if marrying in a catholic church):

    • Baptism certificate in original for both spouses
    • Confirmation certificates original for both
    • Emirates ID of both or one if available
    • Passport copy with UAE visa page
    • Civil marriage certificate
    • No objection letter from the Church
    • Marriage Preparation course certificate
    • Prenuptial inquiry form to be completed in front of the parish priest
    • If divorced or widowed, a decree absolute or death certificate of the former spouse
    • If one of the partners is not Catholic, they must provide a birth certificate and a letter from the embassy stating that they are free to marry
    • Passport-size photographs of each.
    • Under 21s must have a letter of consent from their parents
    • Two witnesses aged over 18 must attend the wedding

    Note: all documents must be original. The bride and groom must provide notarised translations into English if the original documents are in another language.

    Once the documentation is in order, an Intent to Marry will then be posted on the church notice board for three weeks.

    Process on how to attest a Dubai church marriage certificate

    On the day of the marriage, the priest solemnizes the marriage and the bridge and groom sign along with the witnesses. The certificate is issued in English and 3 copies are provided.

    • The marriage certificate must have a general translation to Arabic on the translation company letter head.
    • Take the original marriage certificate (all 3 originals) along with the translation to the Dubai Courts located in Al Twar centre (1st floor).
    • You will need copies of the certificates in colour plus copies of passport with visa pages, emirates ID copies of both spouses.
    • You will also need to take the original passports and emirates ID as this will be checked at the reception of the Dubai courts.
    • Take a token, wait for the notary to call
    • Notary verifies the marriage certificate
    • Take another token and wait to make payment (Payment to be done only via credit card / debit card)
    • After payment is completed, one marriage certificate with translation is retained by the notary clerk.
    • Two certificates are stamped with Dubai courts stamping
    • The next step will be the MOJ (Ministry of Justice) stamping
    • Again, both certificates are to be attested by MOJ
    • Lastly, the catholic marriage certificates are MOFA stamped

    The last step in the process is to register the marriage at the relevant embassy of both parties Depending on which embassy the certificate holders want to register their marriage, these two attested marriage certificates need to be taken by the certificate holders.

    Is the church marriage certificate legal for use in Dubai?

    Yes absolutely. The catholic churches in Dubai are registered at the Dubai courts, so any document issued from the church is legal. The church marriage certificate is a legal document and is valid for sponsoring the spouse in UAE.

    How long does the above steps take?

    The above process takes about 2 working days

    How much does this cost?

    The approximate cost is AED 745

    Can GloboPrime assist with the attestation of the Catholic church marriage certificate?

    Yes, we can. Our service fee will be AED 500


    GloboPrime can translate your marriage certificate into English or Arabic. In case your original document is not in Arabic or English, you will have to pay a small translation fee, before presenting them for marriage certificate attestation in Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

    So that we can conduct marriage certificate attestation in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, we will need your original marriage certificates together with your passport. 

    We have fast turnaround times. We can complete the marriage certificate attestation for UAE in a couple of days. However, if your certificate has to be translated first; you will have to wait for more extended periods.

    Although you can conduct marriage certificate attestation in Dubai or Abu Dhabi by yourself, the process is quite hectic, and you may spend hours waiting in the queue to carry out marriage certificate attestation for UAE

    We are happy to help you complete your marriage certificate attestation in Abu Dhabi and Dubai. Call us today for an instant quote and complementary document pick-up and drop off.


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