B.Tech Certificate Attestation

B.Tech Certificate attestation

B.Tech Certificate Attestation, Equivalency & SOE license


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    If you are looking to get your B.Tech certificate attested in Dubai, there are a few things you need to know. The first is that you will need to get an official transcript from your university. This transcript needs to be sent to the Ministry of Higher Education in Dubai. Once the Ministry of Higher Education has received your transcript, they will then issue a certificate of equivalency. This certificate of equivalency will state that your B.Tech certificate is equivalent to a degree from a UAE accredited university

    Once you have received your certificate of equivalency, you can then take it to any of the UAE embassies or consulates in your home country. The UAE embassy or consulate will then stamp and attest your B.Tech certificate. Once your certificate has been attested by the UAE embassy or consulate, you can then take it to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Dubai. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs will then issue you a visa that will allow you to enter Dubai.

    The B.tech certificate attestation procedure for the UAE usually involves the following steps:

    • The certificate holder must firstly obtain an official copy of their certificate from the issuing authority.
    • The certificate must then be legalised by the UAE Embassy or Consulate in the country of origin.
    • Once the certificate has been legalised by the UAE Embassy or Consulate, it must be submitted to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) in the UAE for final approval.
    • Once the MOFA has approved the certificate, it will then be issued with an official attestation stamp.

    There are many benefits to having your B.Tech certificate attested.

    1. When you attested your B.Tech certificate, it is an official confirmation that the certificate is genuine and has been issued by a recognized institution.
    2. This can be helpful when you are applying for jobs or further study, as it provides employers and universities with reassurance that your qualifications are valid.
    3. Attesting your B.Tech certificate can also help you to obtain a visa to travel to certain countries.

    PROS: -

    • A certificate attestation can help to add credibility to your qualifications and experience.
    • It can help to improve your employment prospects.
    • It can help to increase your earnings potential

    CONS: -

    • The process of getting a certificate attestation can be timeconsuming and expensive. 
    • There is no guarantee that attaining a certificate will lead to increased employment prospects or earnings.


    B.Tech Certificate attestation for uae is the process of authenticating a B.Tech Certificate from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the UAE.

    B.Tech Certificate attestation for uae is required in order to prove the authenticity of the B.Tech Certificate for use in the UAE.

     B.Tech Certificate attestation for uae is performed by first authenticating the B.Tech Certificate with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the UAE.

    Ministry of Foreign Affairs(mofa), an government Department in some countries which is responsible for foreign affairs attestation.

    Not a problem. If you have a any document and it is laminated, we will skillfully remove the lamination on the back of the document and affix the stamps. The certificate attestation is done on the original.

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