Attestation of Death Certificate

Attestation of Death Certificate

Attestation of a Death Certificate

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    It is required by law in every country to obtain a death certificate. To obtain a death certificate, one must first record and register the death. If a death occurs in a home, it may be announced by the deceased’s relatives or any family member. If it happens in a treatment facility or hospital, the medical practitioner or medical charge must report it. 

    The date, location, cause, and fact of the death are all listed on the death certificate. The attestation of a death certificate is required in the UAE before it can be used for any legal reason.

    GloboPrime Attestation Services will perform all of the processes for completing the death certificate attestation across all government departments. The documents that must be submitted and the intent of the death certificate attestation

    Attestation of a Death Certificate requires the following documents:

    • Original Death Certificate Copy (PDF)
    • Copy the Passport in PDF.

    The following is the procedure for obtaining an attestation of a death certificate:

    The procedure and process for certifying a death certificate vary by region. For instance, if the death certificate is issued in any country, the general steps are as follows.

    1. Attestation from Home Department / SDM
    2. Attestation from the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA)
    3. Attestation from UAE Embassy in your home country or UAE Consulate
    4. Attestation from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in UAE.

    What is the procedure for attesting a death certificate?

    Answer: Before attestation at the GloboPrime Attestation Center, death certificates from India should be attested by the concerned state’s Home Department.

    Until attestation at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Attestation Center, death certificates given by UAE authorities must be attested by the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

    The applicant must present his or her valid passport in original form as well as a photocopy (first, last, and valid visa page).


    GloboPrime can translate your death certificate into English or Arabic. In case your original document is not in Arabic or English, you will have to pay a small translation fee, before presenting them for death certificate attestation in Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

    So that we can conduct death certificate attestation in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, we will need your original death certificates together with your passport. 

    We have fast turnaround times. We can complete the death certificate attestation for UAE in a couple of days. However, if your certificate has to be translated first; you will have to wait for more extended periods.

    Although you can conduct death certificate attestation in Dubai or Abu Dhabi by yourself, the process is quite hectic, and you may spend hours waiting in the queue to carry out death certificate attestation for UAE

    We are happy to help you complete your death certificate attestation in Abu Dhabi and Dubai. Call us today for an instant quote and complementary document pick-up and drop off.

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