Top Benefits of Contact Education Certificate Attestation Services in UAE

Top Benefits of Contact Education Certificate Attestation Services in UAE

Are you looking to attest the documents desirably & within the timeline? The education certificate attestation in UAE is the best way to get quick delivery of attested documents. Are you in UAE and looking to apply for higher studies? Reach out to education certificate attestation providers who can reach out to suitable government departments for quick attestation. The attestation will lead to the authenticity of degree certificates in the desired way.

Do you also aspire to get a job in the UAE? The degree certificates or educational documents need to be attested the right way for fast acquiring of job. Different certificate attestation providers in the UAE can do the attestation quickly. Fulfill your objective of getting admitted to the higher education center by getting the earlier certificates attested the best way. Take the help of attestation providers who can deal with multiple situations to ensure the quick signing of documents. The attestation service is leading to the signing of documents from relevant departments for quick verification.


Let us look at the top benefits of selecting education certificate attestation providers –

It proves the credibility of documents The attestation needs to be done in the best way to the degree certificate proves to be credible for best use. Educate certificate attestation is ensuring the increase of credibility of individuals and thus get swift admission to higher degree institutions. If you planning to travel across the world for business benefits then get it attested the best way. It helps in securing the education or job posting The other top benefit of selecting the education certificate attestation service is to get the specified job position in a quick time. Are you having a job offer from a foreign organization? The education certificate attestation is the best need and thus secures the position easily. Get better access to different institutions The attested certificate is leading to easy access to a wide range of options at a foreign location. Use the attestation service to get the education documents signed by the relevant departments. Quick access to different centers or institutions with help of proper document attestation. It also proves to be a legal documentIf you’re looking to complete the business task in a quick time, then get the education certificate attestation done quickly. It proves to be a legal document that can be shown in different places in foreign countries.If you’re looking to get quick admission to a foreign institution then degree certificates need to be shown as specified. Talk with attestation providers to get education certificate attestation in the UAE at the best prices. Take the call on attestation providers to get the degree certificate signed the best way. If you’re looking to get international recognition with your degree certificates then contact professionals for top attestation services. The attestation service provider will help verify the document and get stamped it the best way.

Why Acquire Degree Certificate Attestation Services?

The planning studying abroad needs to be planned in the best way and taking the help of experts will always help the cause. Refer to degree certificate attestation services that can get the documents signed the best way. Plan the selection of attestation providers based on their overall ratings of the service. Take the help of guys having a connection in the government departments to get documents signed the best way. Traveling to foreign countries will attest to degrees if you want to get admission to a top institution.


The showcasing of original documents does not work every time and thus certificate attestation is a proven way to get hands-on relevant documents. It is a way to verify the authenticity of documents and thus come up with the best services. As the documents get signed by relevant departments, it becomes crucial to handle the matter smartly. Prepare for the signing of documents at the right time if you want to get the signs done at the best timelines. Take the help of relevant service providers who takes less time in delivering the certificates promptly.


There are different ways to get the documents signed at the right time, but the best way is to contact degree certificates, and attestation experts. These are professionals who get the documents signed at the best timelines.


Let us look at the top benefits of selecting the degree certificate attestation experts

It helps in getting admission into reputed institutes

Are you looking to get admission to top institutes that can provide the best degree certificates? Plan the selection of institutes and be ready with attested documents before traveling to the foreign country for admission.

It is also one of the proven ways to obtain residency in a foreign country

Acquiring foreign residency is one of the tough tasks and it can be completed by showcasing relevant documents. The attested degree certificates work as the authentication form to prove the identity.


It also assists in getting the dream job in a third country

Are you looking to apply for a job in a third country? The attested documents need to be submitted at the best timelines and thus get the documents signed by the relevant departments. Plan the selection of attestation providers with the reputation of delivering signed documents within the timeline.

It is also the proven way to acquire passports quickly

Do you want to get the passports in quickly? Get it issued at the best timelines and take the help of degree certificate attestation services for it.

There are different kinds of service providers in the region and degree certificate attestation is the proven way to authenticate the identity. Plan the selection of attestation providers based on their availability and thus take the help of professionals to sign the documents. Do relevant planning before traveling to the foreign university for admissions and thus take the help of experts for it. Deal with attestation issues better by taking the help of professionals providing the documents in record time.


Top Benefits to Acquire Degree Attestation Services

Are you looking to travel to a foreign country for acquiring higher degree certificates? The Degree Attestation in India will be the best option to get admitted to an outside university. People travel to foreign reasons due to multiple reasons and acquiring higher education degree is one of the prime reasons. Attestation is the service to verify the documents and it is the International norm to authenticate information about an individual. Reach out to reputed service providers in India for getting instant assistance on degree attestation.

You need to provide all your documents in the foreign university and other places to complete the work flawlessly. Degree attestation is the process of verifying the documents and it needs to be done from the country of origin. Showcasing the original documents does not work at all times and thus relevant paperwork is needed for the job. You can present the attested documents to the organization and do the work effectively. Visiting the Government offices for attesting the documents is a big task in hand and needs to be completed at the right time. With the help of attested documents, you’ll be able to comply with the requirements related to admission to the foreign land.

Let us look at some of the best reasons to acquire degree attestation in India –

Join the foreign university without a trouble

Studying in a foreign university involves a lot of paperwork and needs to be submitted at the right time. Make sure that you collect the relevant documents from the native country and get the attested the right way. The documents work as a verification document for the individual looking to be admitted to the university.

Verify the other education certificates acquired from the country of origin

If you’ve multiple degree certificates then it needs to be verified correctly before showing them to a foreign entity. If you desire to submit all the relevant documents to the college or foreign education center then do the attestation at the right time. Acquire all the documents to be able to join the foreign studying centers at the right time.

Complete the degree from the foreign university in a timely way

If you desire to complete the degree from a foreign university at the right time, it becomes important to contact the relevant degree certificate attestation provider for suitable verification.

There are different kinds of service providers for degree attestation in India and one needs to be sure about the attestation needs. Take the right call on the services based on attestation needs and easy availability of the certificates. There are different Government agencies dealing with the attestation needs and thus contact the departments at the right time. Contacting the departments for certificate attestation on your own can be a hard task and thus take the help of suitable professionals. Take your call on the attestation needs based on available options in the region. Do all the relevant background checks on the individuals and issue the documents at the right time.

How Does Certificate Attestation in Dubai Helps Individuals?

certificate attestation company in UAE

Attestation is the process of verifying the documents possessed by the individual in the foreign nation. The certificates play a crucial is delivering the relevant information about an individual and acknowledging that the document is trustable. With help of certificate attestation in Dubai, it is possible to get the work done in the foreign country with ease. The certified documents can be used for both educational and commercial needs. Take the help of service providers who can get you the attested documents in a quick time.

Are looking for attaining higher education in a foreign country? You need to get all your relevant documents attested from the local authorities and then move to the foreign country for convenience. Once the documents are verified, the documentation process in the foreign university becomes a sample. All international institutions run of some set standards & principles and it is critical to get things in order. With help of certificate attestation in Dubai, you’ll get all the relevant documents in a quick time. Select the right kind of attestation service provider for getting documents at simple rates.

Let us look at some of the top benefits of certificate attestation in Dubai –

It is helping you secure the employment status

With proper verification of certificates, it is possible to secure a position or relevant employment status in the country. The attested documents will help you attain the facilities offered either by corporate entities or government agencies. Secure the right kind of employment status by submitting the attested certificates to the authorities.

Provides recognition as legal documents

The attested documents are considered legal documents and there is no such question related to the authenticity of documents. These attested documents work as legal documents in a foreign country and get the required recognition at multiple levels.

Start your foreign education at the right time with certified documents

You need the help of certified documents to prove the authenticity of your previous education in the country of origin. To start the foreign studies, it is critical to get the attested documents for verification in the educational institute.

Complete all the commercial activities with attested documents

One of the top aspects regarding the use of attested certificates is that it assists in the completion of commercial activities. Get the right kind of documents with help of attested documents and thus set up your business on the right terms.

The certificate attestation in Dubai is one of the top factors to complete your motives in moving outside a country. For the relevant type of certificate attestation, one needs to find the relevant service providers who can assist you in attestation right from the start. Certificate authentication is the process of confirming any documents or the authenticity of something. The process is helping to trace the origins of the document and thus come up with relevant answers. Attest your vital documents with help of professionals to complete projects in a timely manner.

Applying for a Teacher’s Job in the UAE? Here Is What You Need to Do First

Are you planning to apply as a teacher in the UAE? If yes, you need to apply for a teacher’s license as per the guidelines of the UAE’s Teacher Licensing System (TLS).

The Teacher Licensing System

The Teacher Licensing System (TLS) is launched by the Ministry of Education (MoE) that aligns with the UAE’s vision of developing a Knowledge Economy. This vision of the UAE government aims for establishing a higher standard for performance that is equivalent to international standards for teachers in the education sector.


Now, it is mandated for all teachers in the private and public sectors to have a teacher’s license. For teachers who already hold a license, the committee will assess and review the Teacher License Permit to see if it meets the requirements for equalization or not.

Eligibility Requirements for a Teacher’s Job in the UAE

For working as a private or government teacher in the UAE, you will need minimum qualifications of a bachelor’s degree or a 4-year university degree. Along with your degree and certificates, you will also need to fulfill other requirements to become eligible and apply for a UAE teacher’s job.

  • A pristine record with no criminal history
  • Medical fitness report
  • Original transcriptions of record and educational certificates
  • Attested certificates (attestation is required for only foreign applicants and the ones who hold degrees from institutes and universities outside the UAE)
The attestation of your educational degrees and certificates must be from the embassy of the home country and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Besides, the process of degree attestation and certificate attestation also involves other steps, such as university attestation, HRD attestation, and MEA attestation.The whole process is quite time-consuming and involves a lot of legwork. So, to get the attestation work done quickly without any hassles, you can also seek the help of a reputable attestation agency like us – GloboPrime Attestation Services LLC.

How to Get a Teacher’s License

You can apply for a Teacher’s License by following these simple steps:

  • Visit the official website of the TLS.
  • Fill in the details as asked. You will be asked to enter basic information, qualification details, contact number, the test score of the English language test, and other data.
  • Upload the required documents which include Emirates ID, passport, resume, attested certificates, transcripts of records, residency visa, etc.
  • Finally, click on the “Submit Information”.


After that, you will receive an email from the Ministry of Education that shares the date, time, and other details of the tests you need to take.

The Ministry requires you to pass two tests, namely, the pedagogy test/proficiency assessment and the specialization test. While the pedagogy test is conducted in September, the specialization test is conducted in April.

What happens if an applicant fails the test?

If an applicant fails the test the first time, he/she has two more chances to apply for these tests within 24 months. Generally, it is recommended to retake the test after 3 months. One can utilize this time to better prepare for the test by enrolling in TLS training courses. If an applicant loses all three chances, the case will be escalated to a special committee for further review.  

So, have you applied for your teacher’s license? If not, get your documents attested before you apply and start preparing for TLS tests.

Contact us if you need any help with the degree and certificate attestation.


Procedure of Changing Child’s Visa Sponsorship from Father to Mother in the UAE

In the UAE, some circumstances necessitate changing the sponsorship of a child’s visa from father to mother.

Often it is necessary due to family emergencies, such as the need for the father to leave the nation or the death or absence of the main sponsor.

In the United Arab Emirates, the immigration agency requires that the child’s sponsor be the father in all cases. If the husband (Father) loses his job and his visa is revoked, the wife (mother) will be required to sponsor the visa if the mother works in the country.

The process for transferring a child's visa from a father's sponsorship to a mother's sponsorship is straightforward:

  1. The husband’s (father’s) existing employment visa must be terminated, and he must leave the country. In such circumstances, the child’s visa must be canceled in advance. Also, keep in mind that the Emirates ID will be revoked.


  1. Approach an approved typing center with all of the relevant documentation. Inform them if the child is in or out of the nation.


  1. Visit the immigration office and submit your application after the typing for the new Entry permit is completed.


  1. If the child is already in the UAE when you receive the Entry Permit, you must have the status altered by returning to the typing center and typing the form again.


  1. You must receive a canceled Emirates ID form and have the Emirates ID typed


  1. After that, go to the immigration department to get the visa stamped.


  1. Medical examinations are not necessary for minors under the age of eighteen.

The following documents are required:

  • Translation ServiceForm for canceling a visa.
  • Child’s and Sponsor’s Original Passports
  • Copies of the child’s and sponsor’s passports
  • One passport-sized image of the child
  • One copy of the original attested marriage certificate (Arabic).
  • Arabic birth certificate or translated birth certificate with attestation and a copy
  • In the name of the Sponsor, Ejari (Rental Contract)
  • Form for obtaining an Emirates ID. This should be typed at one of the authorized centers.
  • You need an attested labor contract of a sponsor. You can attest to the labor contract for AED 160/- at the Ministry of Labour.


  • Under the Ministry of Labour’s employment contract, the mother must have a job with a salary of Dh 3500 and accommodation provided by the company – a total of Dh 4000.
  • The marriage certificate must be certified by both the UAE embassy in the home country and the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs, as well as a child’s birth certificate.
  • Rent agreement (lease agreement) must be confirmed through Ejari (RERA).

The cost of transferring a visa is as follows:

The initial payment is AED 920/-, which includes typing. Changing your status will lead to a deduction of AED 700/ from your account. The standard Emirates ID and Visa stamping fees will apply.

The Purpose and Process of Attestation of Certificates for UAE

Attestation of Certificates for UAE

Expats moving to the UAE for employment, business, or studies must have their professional, personal, and educational documents authenticated by the MEA (Ministry of External Affairs), according to UAE immigration requirements.

The primary objective of certificate attestation is to validate documents and filter out fake applicants. It also confirms that persons entering the nation have the necessary skills and abilities for the work they may be employed for. The UAE attestation services testify that the papers are genuine and have not been altered or fabricated.

Some of the documents that need verification include Degree certificates, diplomas, birth certificates, marriage certificates, driver’s licenses, business documents, registrations, and licenses.

The objective of educational document attestation in the UAE is:

  • To obtain a work permit/visa
  • For higher education in the United Arab Emirates
  • For medical specialists, caregivers, lab workers, and drug specialists, among others.

In the UAE, non-educational document attestation serves the following purposes:

    • Obtaining a resident visa for a spouse, kids, parents, or other family members.
    • To apply for admission to a school that accepts Transfer Certificates

    Commercial documents, including Articles of Memorandum of Association and Power of Attorney, must be authenticated. Commercial document attestation in the UAE serves the following purposes:

    • Setting up a business
    • Establishing bank accounts
    • Termination of the LLC partnership

What is the UAE's attestation process?

The procedures of authentication differ based on the type of certificate. The documents are divided into subcategories. Consider the following scenario:

  1. Educational certificates:


These are credentials that attest to the applicant’s academic qualifications. As a result, all educational certifications must be validated, from the High School Certificate (HSC) and Senior School Certificate (SSC) through degree and diploma certificates. A work visa in the UAE requires educational certifications.


The applicant will be needed to produce a migration certificate and a school-leaving certificate if applying for a study visa.


  1. Non-Educational Certificates


These can be personal certificates or documents that are related to a company or organization. Marriage certificates, birth certificates, death certificates, and passports are examples of personal documents. If the applicant was employed in their home country, they must include their experience credentials.


People who desire to expand an existing business or corporation must submit commercial documentation about their firm. They must present all documents for attestation for the UAE in their original form.

Why Work with Attestation services in the United Arab Emirates?

Document attestation is a time-consuming process. For that, you require time, effort, patience, and money. It is possible that you will end up rushing from one place to another in order to get your documents authenticated. Fortunately, reliable UAE attestation service providers can complete the task for a reasonable charge.

What Documents Need MOFA Attestation? What Must I Know Before Applying for It?

When you are planning to move abroad, especially the UAE, you might across the term “Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) attestation”. MOFA attestation is the process of getting your documents attested by obtaining a stamp from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. This process is followed only after your documents have been attested by embassy attestation.

When do I need MOFA attestation? What documents need attestation from MOFA?

MOFA attestation is needed when you are applying for a UAE resident permit, employment visa, student visa, or family visa. MOFA verification is also required while applying for a work permit in the UAE or when you want to take advantage of the world-class healthcare facilities in the UAE and need to apply visa for the same. In other words, you will need MOFA attestation for mostly all those travels and permits where you will need to show your personal, educational, or commercial documents in the UAE.

Now, the question remains what document needs to be attested by MOFA.


Here is the list of documents for which you need MOFA attestation depending on what purpose you are visiting or moving to the UAE for:

  • Medical certificate
  • Police clearance certificate
  • Birth certificate
  • Marriage certificate
  • Death certificate
  • Divorce contracts
  • Educational degrees and certificates
  • Powers of Attorney
  • Commercial contracts and invoices
  • Any official documents that you need to present to your employer, client, university, hospital, school, or an organization


What Must I Know When Submitting Documents for MOFA Attestation?

There are certain things that you must know before submitting your documents for Ministry of Foreign Affairs attestation, which are as follows:


  1. When applying for MOFA attestation, you need to send an attested copy of your passport and visa along with original certificates and documents attested by the embassy in the home country.


  1. Unlike previous steps where various departments or ministries were responsible for attesting different types of documents, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs attests to all kinds of documents whether it is educational, personal, or commercial.


  1. MOFA attestation is required not only by the UAE but also several other countries, such as Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, and Bahrain. This means if you have decided to apply for MOFA attestation without professional help, make sure that you choose the right official website and platforms available for attestation.


  1. MOFA also attests to documents on an emergency basis, given that your documents have been attested by the embassy. Meaning, if your document’s embassy attestation is complete, you can get MOFA attestation on the same day.


  1. The original documents can be taken and submitted physically to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the payment can be made through an E-Dirham card, credit card, and even cash.


  1. If you have more than 5 documents for MOFA attestation, it is mandatory to upload all those documents on the MOFA’s official website and make the payment online.


  1. MOFA attestation is the final attestation step. Once this is done, your documents are fully verified and attested.


  1. MOFA attestation can be also be done by an authorized attestation agency on your behalf.

Do you also need Ministry of Foreign Affairs attestation for your documents? If yes, seek the professional help of a recognized attestation agency for a seamless and hassle-free experience. 

A Definitive Guide for Indians to Get Dubai Work Visa

Get Dubai Work Visa

Every year, many Indians move to Dubai, UAE to earn a good living and have a stable future. It’s not that they want to move abroad by circumstances; instead, they find a better future in the place. It’s because Dubai is a business hub, generating a lot of job opportunities. Dubai has jobs in different industries with good remuneration. It means Dubai has jobs for people with varied qualifications. Most importantly, Dubai offers a better lifestyle along with a good career.

It is not so complicated to move without a Dubai work visa. For anyone who wishes to pursue a career in UAE, you could come on a visit visa. But before you decide to make a visit to UAE and your main purpose is to get a job here, degree attestation for UAE is a must prior to your arrival in UAE. Once you are here, you could start your job hunt. The biggest mistake you can make is not attesting your degree before coming to UAE.

We do not wish this to happen to you. Therefore, we have explained the step-by-step process to get Dubai Work Visa.

First, you should look for a job in Dubai

Many people believe that moving to Dubai and securing a Dubai work visa and search for a job on arrival. It’s is very right to come to Dubai on a visit visa and then search for an employer who can provide you a Dubai work visa. Its imperative that the person or candidate is here in UAE to attend interviews.

Second, you should submit the documents.

As soon as you receive the job offer from your employer, the UAE residence visa processing will start. In order to secure a Dubai work visa or otherwise commonly called as UAE resident visa you will need an attested degree certificate, valid passport with a minimum of 6 months. Remember, the requirements change for a Dubai work visa is based on the home country of the applicants.

Before submitting the documents, make sure they are valid and not expired. In case the documents are not right, the visa might get rejected. The documents will be submitted to the employer, who will apply for your work permit.

Third, you will get a Dubai work visa

The application for the Dubai work visa is not processed by your employer; the employer only acts as the middleman. The employer will submit the application and all your documents to the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MOHRE).


The authority will verify all your documents at different stages. If the officials find that everything is right, they will issue a Dubai work visa. It is also known as a work permit.

Fifth, you will get a Dubai Work Residency Permit on arrival

After successful completion of your tests in Dubai, you will get Dubai Work Residency Permit. The immigration officials give this permit to assure that you have officially become a part of Dubai’s workforce.


The Dubai Work Residency Permit is given before you receive Emirates ID and Labour Card.


Applying for a Dubai work visa and keeping track of its processing status is a bit difficult. So, you should work with professionals for the same.

Why Acquire Degree Certificate Attestation?

Degree certificate attetation for UAE

If you’re planning to study abroad or trying to apply for a specific vacancy in a foreign country then degree certificate attestation is the best option. All your personal documents need to be verified by the relevant authorities and attested the right way. Be prepared with the attested documents before traveling to a foreign country so that you’re always ready to provide documents. The best way to get the attestation done will be to contact the degree certificate attestation provider for the task.

Showcasing the original documents doesn’t work at all times and you need relevant paperwork to get the right job. It is an international norm to show the attested documents to the organizations and take up the work effectively. The attested degree certificates come to use at different centers and one needs to be having the documents attested early to avoid delays. Visit all the government offices for the attestation is a time-consuming task and thus contacting the relevant attestation service provider will be a good idea.

It becomes easy to obtain residence & facilities in the foreign country

After the completion of document attestation in the native country, the individual will be able to obtain residence and other finds of facilities in the foreign country. These documents prove to be a verification of your degrees acquired from different universities.

It helps you find the dream job in the third country

The other top benefit of acquiring the degree certificate attestation will be applying for the relevant job in the third country. Make sure you apply for the relevant work or post in a foreign company with help of attested degree certificates.

It assists to acquire the passport correctly

One of the top benefits of having the degree certificate attestation done will be to acquire the passport at the right time. Make sure you get the passport out at the right time for easy travel options

Companies believe you more when you’ve attested documents

Foreign companies have a specific parameter to judge the degrees from all over the world. Mostly the attested documents are taken as the serious ones and considered verified from the native country. In case of any trouble, the foreign country takes the help of the embassy to do background checks of the individual.


Get the degree certificate attestation done in quick time with help of local service providers. Make sure you reach out to the relevant attestation provider to get the documents signed early. Once