Hebrew Translation Services in Dubai

Hebrew to Arabic translation services in Dubai

Hebrew to Arabic translation services in Dubai

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    Hebrew originates from the Canaanite group of languages.

    Hebrew is the native language of the Israelites. Today, it is spoken by millions across the world. If you are from Israel and looking to do business or work in the UAE or any other GCC  country , you will need to translate your documents in English or Arabic to run your business, whether it is official, educational, or personal.

    So, if you are looking for quality Hebrew to Arabic translation services in UAE and vice versa, we are here to help

    Our services include Legal translation from Hebrew to Arabic:


    • Hebrew documents and certificates (degrees, diplomas, marriage & birth certificates, POA, Commercial documents like Certificate of Incorporation, MOA , AOA etc)
    • Legal Hebrew Translation to Arabic or English for contracts and agreements.
    • Hebrew Translation to English of school transfer certificates
    • Hebrew Translation to English of experience certificates
    • Hebrew translation to Arabic of death certificates

    If you are located in GCC country and looking to setup business in Israel , we can help with translation services to Hebrew for all commercial documents like Certificate of Incorporation, Memorandum of Articles , POA , Shareholder certificates etc.

    If you are moving to Israel from any GCC country with your family , we can help with  Arabic to Hebrew translation for degrees, diplomas, birth & marriage certificates, experience letters, death certificates , school transfer certificates ,medical certificates , Pilot’s license etc.


    Our promise:


    • You get your Hebrew documents translation in Dubai
    • Secure quick and efficient Hebrew translation from expert translators
    • Get 100% accurate and certified translations
    • Our confidentiality statement ensures that your private information is kept safe and managed responsibly.

    Certified Legal Hebrew Translation Services in Dubai

    If you want to translate medical reports, official certificates, financial or legal documents translated or academic diplomas, or judicial decisions; our Hebrew translators provide certified legal translation.

    Hebrew legal /sworn translation services in Dubai

    Our Hebrew translation services are accepted by the below government entities:

    Our translation services are accepted by all most departments in the UAE and Dubai. Below are a few examples;

    • General Department for Residency and Foreigners Affairs
    • Dubai Public Prosecution
    • Dubai Immigration and Naturalization Department
    • Roads and Transport Authority Dubai (RTA)
    • Department of Economic Development.
    • Department of Finance UAE

    So, when looking for quality Hebrew to Arabic translation in Dubai or Hebrew to English translation in Dubai, you know we are a phone call away.


    You can pay via a bank transfer when we commence the process and issue you an invoice

    You can also pay via credit card provided you are based in Dubai since we have a hand-held machine

    Take the original transcripts certificate and a copy along with you which will be stamped to verify that the issuing authority is real and the certificate is genuine. Take the document and copy of it to the UAE embassy or consulate in your respective country

    Not a problem. If you have an Indian document and it is laminated, our Indian service partner will skillfully remove the lamination on the back of the document and affix the stamps. The certificate attestation is done on the original.

    If your degree certificate belongs to Europe, UK, Canada, Australia etc, most of these countries attest only a notarised copy of your certificate and not the original, hence its fine if the document is laminated , as long as you submit us the Original certificate at the time of the requirement for attestation services.

    Not to worry, GloboPrime will provide a legal translation of the degree certificate in English / Arabic before attestation or even after completing the attestation. Rest assured you are in safe hands.

    In most cases of attestation services, we ALWAYS require the original document. For some countries the UAE embassy attestation is done on a notarised copy and NOT the original.

    In some cases the attestation will be done on the original transcript’s certificate.

    Have more questions? Mail us on info@globoprime.com or call on 056-4625222.

    We have partnered with the world’s most reliable courier company, DHL international to make sure all the documents are handled professionally and safely delivered to our clients.

    GloboPrime has been nationally recognized and trusted by local and multinational companies for Degree certificate attestation in Dubai.

    If you would like to initiate the process for degree certificate attestation for UAE, call us today.  

    If you require to attest your degree for the UAE, it’s a simple process. Depending from country to country, your degree certificate may require to be reissued from the university / college and have a validity of not more than 3 months old as per the UAE embassy requirement.


    Any Certificate attestation From the Following Countries

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