Important Things To Know About MOFA Attestation

MOFA, that is, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for Arab countries is known to be a governmental department that is concerned with the foreign affairs of the respective country. One of the many duties of such a department is the authentication of documents. This executive body is also responsible for one of the significant steps of certificate attestation, which is approached by the government-approved MOFA or ministry of foreign affairs attestation services. It is considered to be a sensitive process because it tends to involve documents of utmost significance for any legal procedures.

What is MOFA attestation?

Attestation of any kind is defined as a process of legalizing the documents in question in order to approve their genuineness. When strictly talking about MOFA attestation, it comprises of obtaining a stamp from Foreign Affairs which works as proof of the credibility for the document it is provided on. Apart from determining the value of the documents, the attestation from the MOFA is done only after the authentication of documents from the respective embassy. This entire procedure is made much easier when a professional attestation service is hired as there is no need for the candidate to be present personally.

Importance of MOFA attestation

The Gulf countries, more than any other in the world, can be seen to be growing quite rapidly and opening gates to various new opportunities for businesses all over the world. Before you can get to avail these benefits, MOFA attestation is the legal procedure that stands between you and these opportunities. Ministry of Foreign Affairs attestation is known to play a vital role in the visa issuing process for visas such as family or resident visa, employment visa, and various others. Moreover, you are expected to possess a permit or a visa for getting admission to a school or even for employment. MOFA verification or attestation is also done if you want to process a labor card which is a work permit in the United Arab Emirates and various other similar countries.

Which countries require MOFA?

Just like there is the necessity of MOFA attestation for the United Arab Emirates, it is also mandatory for other Gulf countries as well. The following are the names of the countries for which verification and authentication of documents from MOFA are required.

  • UAE
  • Saudi
  • Bahrain
  • Kuwait
  • Qatar

What are the documents needed for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs attestation?

The requirement for MOFA attestation tends to vary from country to country for which it is acquired. Considering all the documents, the most common requirements and procedures are listed below.

  • Attested copy of the passport
  • Original attested certificate by the embassy (educational, personal, commercial)
  • Copy of the visa

By now, you are well aware of most of the important things that one must know about MOFA attestation before hiring an attestation service. So, it is recommended to let the professionals do this lengthy procedure on your behalf so that you can focus on other important matters at hand.