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    POA Legalization experts in UAE

    Attesting POA Documents In UAE​

    Power of attorney attestation services in Dubai:A power of attorney (POA) is a document that gives another person selected by you with the authority to undertake acts on your behalf deeds when you cannot physically be present and deal with your case. Entirely what this assigned person can do is also mentioned in POA document.

    Documentation and attestation / legalization of POA is required for personal and Company purpose in Dubai,UAE. UAE authorities are very much particular when it comes to documentation. UAE government authorities accepts your Power of Attorneys or POA only after attested from Ministry of foreign affairs .

    The United Arab Emirates will usually require documents that originate in any country to be attested prior to them being used in the UAE.

    The stages of attestation services for UAE in home country notarisation at the notary, Attestation at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and lastly attestation at the UAE embassy from home country.
    Once the POA certificate attestation for UAE is completed in home country, the document is returned to us in UAE to further get the UAE attestation services done locally.
    Please note that POA legalization procedures include several steps. The Legalization Service of the Consular / Embassy of Jordan Department of Foreign Affairs legalizes documents issued in your country.

    GloboPrime can provide power of attorney certificate attestation for UAE and any other country globally.

    Power of attorney certificates come either in regional languages or English. It’s always best to use the English version of the POA to process the attestation as it omits the translation stage.


    Indian Power of Attorney Attestation in Dubai

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    UK Power of Attorney Attestation In Dubai

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    Any Other Document Attestation

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    There are Two Different Kinds Of Power of Attorney are available

    General Power of Attorney (GPOA) Attestation

    A general Power of attorney gives the assigned individual a bigger extent of capacity to finish various exchanges or deeds that is normal.

    Special Power of Attorney Attestation

    A unique POA is smaller in scope. It determines precisely what deeds or exchanges the assigned individual can finish for your benefit.

    How to attest a POA document for UAE embassy

    Power of Attorney to Sell Property in UAE.

    A Power of attorney is a special choice for most sellers who have difficulties in attending to the execution and registration of sale deed.

    The reason for executing the POA should be clarified and the details about the incapacity should be mentioned in detail such as the person is residing abroad, or in another town, due to physical infirmity or old age

    A special POA for sale of a property is a compulsorily registrable document under the Indian registration act.

    The stamp duty is collected in the prescribed format and embossed on the paper while registering at the sub-registrar

    If the POA is created in abroad, it needs to be printed on a plain paper and taken to the appropriate Indian consulate in that particular country to get it attested by the authorities

    The attorney may then proceed with the creation of the agreement to sell and then subsequently the sale deed along with the registration of the same.

    The consideration or payment can be received on behalf of the principal and then be transferred to him/her after fulfilling tax responsibilities

    Power Of Attorney Sample Format

    In the event that you need to draw a POA and send it to India, at that point it is ideal to go to your neighborhood Indian Consulate to get it bore witness to. This is significant as the report won’t be substantial except if you confirm it first. Here are the means you should take to get your NRI POA bore witness to at the Indian Consulate:

    An NRI POA sent from to another country doesn’t require an Indian stamp paper. In this way, you can utilize plain paper.

    In the plain paper, record all the forces you wish to impart to the assigned individual. In a perfect world, for huge exchanges of relentless property like land, your assigned individual ought to be a life partner or a blood relative like your folks or kin. Rundown out whatever you might want this individual to do for your benefit.

    Before you sign the archive, you should go to the Indian Consulate. Ensure that you have at any rate two duplicates of the POA.

    Two witness marks would be required for the NRI POA to be legitimate. You can either take two observers with you when you go to the Consulate or get their marks legally approved previously. In the event that the two observers can’t go to the office, at exactly that point should you get it authorized. Else, they should sign the POA within the sight of a consular authority

    Documents Required For Power Of Attorney(POA) Attestation in Dubai.

    We suggest that you call your neighborhood office ahead of time to affirm precisely which records and what number of duplicates of them you would require. This will guarantee that you are arranged, and will spare everybody included a ton of time. Nonetheless, here are the principle reports that you should take with you when you go to get your POA bore witness to.The POA itself, alongside a couple of duplicates (in any event 2)Your identification, alongside a couple of duplicates. Ensure you incorporate all the pages just as the front and last pagesAddress verification in your nation of home

    Proof of your lawful status in the nation of home like your Visa othersPassport Size Photographs


    Legal translations (if needed)

    Notary in India

    MEA Attestation From Delhi

    Consulate/Embassy  in India.

    Ministry of Foreign Affairs-MOFA  (UAE)

    Documents required for attestation of degree / diploma in Nigeria.

    Original  document
    Photocopy of Passport.

    How can GloboPrime help with the POA attestation services?

    We attest police clearance certificates and/or any document that requires to be used in the UAE.  We provide attestation services from over 93 Countries worldwide and Attestation is sometimes referred to as legalisation. 



    List of POA documents authentication we can assist you with!

    American Power of attorney Attestation for UAE

    European POA Document Attestation for UAE

    Asian POA Document Attestation for UAE

    Any Certificate attestation From the Following Countries

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