What is Pilot License Attestation? And Significance of Working with Attestation Service Provider

If you want to become a pilot or have a dream to fly a plane, you need to have a proper license in order to operate the aircraft. The pilot licensing is issued by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) in each country. It verifies that the license holder has met the required criteria.

There are different types of pilot licenses. The licenses vary by ratings, classification, and various regulations. Depending on your pilot license and ratings, you can fly different types of aircraft.

Why is Pilot LicensingAttestation Necessary?

The attestation of the pilot license is necessary to prove that your document is genuine. Pilot license attestation is a process of confirmation in which an attestation stamp from the related authority is attained.

How to Get Pilot Licensed Attested?

Attestation services can help you get your pilot license attested. Attestation service providers render services like attestation of the commercial documents. Choose an attestation firm that offers fast and hassle serviceability. The service provided should be lawful, and the attestation agency should get the whole procedure completed on time.

What is the Process for a Pilot license Attestation in the UAE?

Attestation of commercial documents is not a direct one. You need to go through the necessary steps before final attestation.

  • Attestation by Civil Aviation Authority, if required.
  • Notarization of the pilot license
  • Attestation of Pilot license at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the country of origin
  • Attestation of Pilot license at the UAE embassy in the country of origin
  • Attestation at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the UAE

How long it takes to get Pilot Licensing Attestation?

The time period will depend on a set of things, for instance, for which nation you necessitate the attestation or the form of paperwork.

Cost to Get a Pilot License Attestation:

Attestation of pilot license fees differs from nation to nation. The attestation value could be reasonable or high and could range with the add-on utilities. To know the precise pilot license attestation fees in the UAE, contact the attestation service provider.


Why Work with Attestation Service Provider?

  1. Quick and Reliable Service


The facilities will be official and lawful. The attestation agency will carry out quick certification in your paperwork.


  1. 24/7 Customer Service


You can contact the attestation service provider any time of the day. They will adhere to your inquiries and resolve them.


  1. High-Quality Service


A reputable attestation service agency will offer services of the highest quality.


  1. Customer Convenience


The service agency will maintain transparency of the progress with you, and there will be no hidden costs involved.


If you want to get your pilot license attested, work with a reputable attestation service provider in the UAE.