Procedure of Changing Child’s Visa Sponsorship from Father to Mother in the UAE

In the UAE, some circumstances necessitate changing the sponsorship of a child’s visa from father to mother.

Often it is necessary due to family emergencies, such as the need for the father to leave the nation or the death or absence of the main sponsor.

In the United Arab Emirates, the immigration agency requires that the child’s sponsor be the father in all cases. If the husband (Father) loses his job and his visa is revoked, the wife (mother) will be required to sponsor the visa if the mother works in the country.

The process for transferring a child's visa from a father's sponsorship to a mother's sponsorship is straightforward:

  1. The husband’s (father’s) existing employment visa must be terminated, and he must leave the country. In such circumstances, the child’s visa must be canceled in advance. Also, keep in mind that the Emirates ID will be revoked.


  1. Approach an approved typing center with all of the relevant documentation. Inform them if the child is in or out of the nation.


  1. Visit the immigration office and submit your application after the typing for the new Entry permit is completed.


  1. If the child is already in the UAE when you receive the Entry Permit, you must have the status altered by returning to the typing center and typing the form again.


  1. You must receive a canceled Emirates ID form and have the Emirates ID typed


  1. After that, go to the immigration department to get the visa stamped.


  1. Medical examinations are not necessary for minors under the age of eighteen.

The following documents are required:

  • Translation ServiceForm for canceling a visa.
  • Child’s and Sponsor’s Original Passports
  • Copies of the child’s and sponsor’s passports
  • One passport-sized image of the child
  • One copy of the original attested marriage certificate (Arabic).
  • Arabic birth certificate or translated birth certificate with attestation and a copy
  • In the name of the Sponsor, Ejari (Rental Contract)
  • Form for obtaining an Emirates ID. This should be typed at one of the authorized centers.
  • You need an attested labor contract of a sponsor. You can attest to the labor contract for AED 160/- at the Ministry of Labour.


  • Under the Ministry of Labour’s employment contract, the mother must have a job with a salary of Dh 3500 and accommodation provided by the company – a total of Dh 4000.
  • The marriage certificate must be certified by both the UAE embassy in the home country and the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs, as well as a child’s birth certificate.
  • Rent agreement (lease agreement) must be confirmed through Ejari (RERA).

The cost of transferring a visa is as follows:

The initial payment is AED 920/-, which includes typing. Changing your status will lead to a deduction of AED 700/ from your account. The standard Emirates ID and Visa stamping fees will apply.