The Purpose and Process of Attestation of Certificates for UAE

Attestation of Certificates for UAE

Expats moving to the UAE for employment, business, or studies must have their professional, personal, and educational documents authenticated by the MEA (Ministry of External Affairs), according to UAE immigration requirements.

The primary objective of certificate attestation is to validate documents and filter out fake applicants. It also confirms that persons entering the nation have the necessary skills and abilities for the work they may be employed for. The UAE attestation services testify that the papers are genuine and have not been altered or fabricated.

Some of the documents that need verification include Degree certificates, diplomas, birth certificates, marriage certificates, driver’s licenses, business documents, registrations, and licenses.

The objective of educational document attestation in the UAE is:

  • To obtain a work permit/visa
  • For higher education in the United Arab Emirates
  • For medical specialists, caregivers, lab workers, and drug specialists, among others.

In the UAE, non-educational document attestation serves the following purposes:

    • Obtaining a resident visa for a spouse, kids, parents, or other family members.
    • To apply for admission to a school that accepts Transfer Certificates

    Commercial documents, including Articles of Memorandum of Association and Power of Attorney, must be authenticated. Commercial document attestation in the UAE serves the following purposes:

    • Setting up a business
    • Establishing bank accounts
    • Termination of the LLC partnership

What is the UAE's attestation process?

The procedures of authentication differ based on the type of certificate. The documents are divided into subcategories. Consider the following scenario:

  1. Educational certificates:


These are credentials that attest to the applicant’s academic qualifications. As a result, all educational certifications must be validated, from the High School Certificate (HSC) and Senior School Certificate (SSC) through degree and diploma certificates. A work visa in the UAE requires educational certifications.


The applicant will be needed to produce a migration certificate and a school-leaving certificate if applying for a study visa.


  1. Non-Educational Certificates


These can be personal certificates or documents that are related to a company or organization. Marriage certificates, birth certificates, death certificates, and passports are examples of personal documents. If the applicant was employed in their home country, they must include their experience credentials.


People who desire to expand an existing business or corporation must submit commercial documentation about their firm. They must present all documents for attestation for the UAE in their original form.

Why Work with Attestation services in the United Arab Emirates?

Document attestation is a time-consuming process. For that, you require time, effort, patience, and money. It is possible that you will end up rushing from one place to another in order to get your documents authenticated. Fortunately, reliable UAE attestation service providers can complete the task for a reasonable charge.