Vital Record Attestation

Vital certificates are a record of life events.

Vital certificates are administered by a country’s governmental authority. Vital certificates include and are not restricted to birth certificates, marriage certificates or licenses, separation agreements, custody certificates, divorce certificates, and death certificates etc.

In UAE, vital certificates are issued when a child is born, a birth notification is issued by the hospital where the child was born. After which, the biological parents retrieve the birth certificate from the Ministry of Health and Prevention (MOHAP).

Once you have the birth certificate issued in UAE, this vital certificate attestation is a must by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in order to get the baby’s passport issued and sponsor your baby .

Likewise, when you marry in the UAE at the government courts (Dubai Courts, Abu Dhabi courts, etc), the marriage certificate which is a vital document is issued by the UAE courts in Arabic.

When you have the Arabic marriage certificate from the courts, this vital certificate attestation is a MUST by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs if sponsoring your spouse in UAE.

If there is a divorce taking place in UAE between a couple, they must file for a divorce at the courts to make this legal and binding. Once the divorce is issued which is a vital document, the divorce certificate should be kept safely. If the divorcing couple has children, then the custody certificate is a vital record. This shows which parent has custody of the children. This vital certificate attestation is mandatory when sponsoring the children after a divorce.

If a person dies, a death certificate is issued. This is a vital certificate for the family who is left behind. They require to use the death certificate at government entities to cancel the visa of the person (if living in UAE), they must intimate all banks and institutions that the deceased had a working relationship with.

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    Scope of Attestation Services for UAE Documents:

    The entire attestation process typically takes between 18 to 20 working days, ensuring a smooth and efficient experience for our clients.

    • Document Verification

      We assist in verifying and attesting degree, diploma, or highest qualification certificates for individuals planning to work or reside in the UAE.

    • Translation Services

       If your documents are not in English, we provide professional legal translations to ensure accuracy and compliance with UAE requirements.

    • Notarization

      Our services include obtaining notary attestation from your home country to authenticate the legitimacy of your documents.

    • Ministry Attestation

      We facilitate the attestation process with the Ministry of Education and Ministry of Foreign Affairs in your home country to certify the authenticity of your documents.

    • Consulate/Embassy Attestation

      We liaise with the UAE consulate or embassy in your home country to validate your documents for official use in the UAE.

    • MOFA Attestation

      The final step involves obtaining attestation from the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) to ensure your documents are recognized and accepted in the UAE

    • In countries like the United States, vital certificates or records are classically issued and maintained at the county which is more or less like a rural office or state level by offices such as a county clerk or recorder’s office, registrar’s office or vital records office.

      In the UK, vital certificates are issued by the GRO. The General Register Office holds vital statistics of births, deaths, marriages, civil partnerships, stillbirths, and adoptions in England and Wales.

      For vital certificates that require modification like correct a birth date, correct a death date, change your name by deed poll, all such services can be ordered online through the GRO website.

      In most countries, the Registrar’s office is responsible to keep vital certificates of their population. A duplicate or a second copy of the vital document can be retrieved at any time provided you have all information like father’s name, mother’s name date of birth, where the child was born, etc.

      In certain countries, a birth certificate or a vital certificate is issued in the language of the country. It is not always in English. In some countries, the newborn vital certificate is issued in multilingual languages. This vital certificate attestation is easier as English is present in the certificate and it’s an international language.

      To preserve a vital document do not laminate it—a practice that is NOT recommended. Keep it in a crystal-clear bag, or a side loading print sleeve this will help protect the document from moisture, dirt, and dust.

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    Specific Requirements for Various Countries:

    Specific requirements for document attestation may vary depending on your home country. We recommend consulting the relevant authorities in your home country or a professional attestation service provider for up-to-date information.

    Visa Types:

    Attestation requirements may differ slightly depending on the type of visa you are applying for. It’s essential to consult the relevant immigration authorities or visa application center for specific guidelines related to your visa type.

    Additional Services:

    We offer a range of additional services to streamline the attestation process for our clients, including:

    • Translation services: Ensure your documents are translated accurately and meet official requirements.

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