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    Retrieval of UAE Birth certificate

    If you are having a baby in the UAE, you may want to ensure you are prepared well in advance for the cumbersome paperwork before baby is born.

    The first piece of advice will be to ensure your marriage certificate is attested from the issuing country’s Foreign Affairs and the UAE embassy in the origin country. The marriage certificate also must be attested at MOFA in UAE and legally translated to Arabic. There is a mention that the marriage certificate should not be issued within 180 days of baby’s birth. If this is the case, the Ministry of Health may demand an explanation of the situation and refuse to issue the birth certificate of the newborn unless they are alright with the explanation provided.

    Along with this, its always good to be prepared with the name for the baby. The reason we say this is, when the birth certificate is issued and the baby’s name is yet to be decided, the certificate will only mention BABY. This complicates the process of issuing the passport for the baby later.

    GloboPrime with its experienced team can assist you with the complete process of retrieval of the UAE birth certificate from the Ministry of Health as well as attest the same at MOFA (Ministry of Foreign Affairs) while you spend your time with your precious newborn

    Scope of Certificate Attestation Service

    We offer fast and reliable birth certificate attestation and birth certificate retrieval services for UAE & Qatar and many more countries. We handle the entire process from start to finish. Just submit the required documents to us and we will get them back to you with our door to door service.


    Yes absolutely. The catholic churches in Dubai are registered at the Dubai courts, so any document issued from the church is legal. The church marriage certificate is a legal document and is valid for sponsoring the spouse in UAE.

    The approximate cost is AED 745

    The above process takes about 2 working days


    Any certificate attestation from the following countries

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