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HRD is an abbreviation of Human Resource Development, it is an Indian service set up for improving the abstract degree of the nation. By advancing training, the division means to expand the financial standard of the country. Indian government gives this verification its residents for perceiving the instructive archive.

This authentication is required uniquely for instructive archives and it is a nation of origin confirmation. The principle point of this authentication is to give home nation check and the Human Resource Development(HRD) office will attach their official seal or mark to the archive. The candidates can obtain this confirmation from their own states itself in light of the fact that every single state have their own habitats for HRD verification.

Purposes of HRD Attestation:

We provide fast and secure HRD certificate attestation services for educational certificates

  1. Some foreign countries require HRD attestation for educational documents before providing job.
  2. This attestation is needed for achieving International education from another country.
  3. Home country attestation is needed for migration purposes.

We handle the entire process from start to finish. Just submit the required documents to us and we will get them back to you with our door to door service. We have a 100% success rate when it comes to attestation services and are known in the UAE for being the most dependable and top rated attestation  company in UAE & KSA.

The process of HRD attestation services for UAE and KSA

State Government: The legalization of documents from the state is executed by state HRD attestationis exclusive to the attestation of educational documents.

1- Get your degree/degrees notarized with a lawyer.

2- Get it attested from your state’s General Administration Dept.

3- Get it attested at Ministry of Human Resources, New Delhi (Patiala House).

If you are planning to work and live in the GCC countries, you will require your degree certificate attested.

4- Get it attested from the Ministry of External Affairs – India – New Delhi

5-Get it attested from the Embassy/Consulate of the respective Arabian Gulf country in New Delhi.

6- Finally, get it attested in the Arabian Gulf Country;s ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Now, your degrees are ready to process your employment visa.


List of state HRD attestation Globoprime can assist you with!


 No there are way of attestation procedure for UAE. It’s always better to do the HRD attestation which is valid in all countries but HRD Attestation will take more time if you are in hurry you can choose the other attestation procedure which is valid in UAE. Country like Saudi Arabia HRD attestation is mandatory.

 The full form is the Human Resource Department (HRD) which is state level attestation & it means getting an attestation  from the Human Resource Department on your degree certificate. This attestation is required only for educational documents like degree certificate for an individual by the state government’s HRD ministry.

It will take around 10 to 15 working days for hrd attestation. Usually, it depends on the type of documents and state.

Not a problem. If you have an Indian document and it is laminated, our Indian service partner will skillfully remove the lamination on the back of the document and affix the stamps. The certificate attestation is done on the original.

If your degree certificate belongs to Europe, UK, Canada, Australia etc, most of these countries attest only a notarised copy of your certificate and not the original, hence its fine if the document is laminated , as long as you submit us the Original certificate at the time of the requirement for attestation services.

Any certificate attestation from the following countries

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