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documents legalisation services

Documents Legalisation services in Dubai UAE


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    All documents presented to the UAE Embassy’s  department for document legalization must be in English or Arabic language. Certified translation is required for documents issued in Polish language. Translated documents will not be legalized if original documents are not included for legalization. Bilingual and multilingual documents are accepted provided that one of the languages is English.

    What is the document legalisation procedure for the UAE and what documents are required?

    Legalisation of documents from foreign countries suitable for use in the UAE.If you want to use your document in any foreign country like UAE, legalisation of a document will be required authentication or attestation from the relevant government authoritiesFor example if we consider a UK documents to legalize for UAE check the following procedureThe stages of documents legalisation services for UAE in The United Kingdom  include, retrieval of degree copy and , attestation at UK Solicitor, Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO) and lastly attestation at the UAE Embassy in London.

    What documents should be attested for UAE?

    • Certificate of Incorporation attestation
    • legalisation of Certificate of Good Standing 
    • General UK commercial company documents attestation
    • UK Birth Certificate legalisation 
    • UK Degree Certificate legalisation
    • Marriage Certificate / Divorce Decree legalisation
    • Passport legalization 

    Documents legalisation many of them required for business and government purpose in Dubai such as:

    • Visa and Immigration application, employment and study purpose
    • Employment work permit application
    • Higher Education in Dubai like Masters or Bachelor degree
    • Family status in Dubai
    • To get trade licence for business in Dubai

    Legalization of Documents for use  in UAE

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    Any Certificate attestation From the Following Countries

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