Public Notary Services and
Embassy Attestation for UAE

"We are not a law firm, any legal advice required by our clients will be outsourced to a license law firm in Dubai or Abu Dhabi". We are a Documents Clearing Services company licensed by the Dubai Economy license number 759077.*

Public notary and attestation services in UAE

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    Notarization is process where the authentication is done by Public Notary or state appointed private Notaries. Only the listed documents can be notarized subject to the approval of concerned Public Notary or Notary Department of Ministry of Justice. Those documents which are beyond the scope of notarial services can be attested by the regulated lawyers or law firms through  attestation/affidavit practice. Before proceeding to solicitor attestation, you must make sure that the authentication is done by the qualified and registered lawyer/law firms and regulated by the department of Legal Affairs or Ministry of Justice.

    Attestation is different from Notarization, Attestation is a process of third party recognition on witnessing the execution of formal document and signing to verify that it was properly signed by those bound by its contents.  It is a legal acknowledgment and verification that the proper procedure followed in the execution of documents.  True copy attestation is a process whereby the authentication certify that the copy produced is true copy of the original after verification of original documents

    Procedure to secure document attestation for UAE

    • Legalization / Attestation from Ministry of Education from home country.
    • Legalization from Ministry of Foreign Affairs(MOFA) or an Apostille from home country.
    • Legalization from Embassy or consulate in your home country.
    • Final legalization from Ministry of Foreign Affairs from UAE

    Online notarization services includes:

    How to do public notary services in Dubai,Shariah and Abudhabi

    Public Notary must witness when someone signs / stamp a certificate. Earlier, if anyone needed to find a notary services in UAE or any other country, you had to meet one in-person in order to get your certificate notarized. But with the advantages of online notarization, our client can get their documents notarized  online, by connecting with commissioned notary public via video and audio. Documents required for public and private notary services in Dubai
    1. The original document should be presented at public notary or private.
    2. The person who applying notary services legal representative should be of a legal capacity.
    3. The relevant government  authorities of the documents issued country should attest the documents required for notarization.
    Getting your documents notarized is the same as swearing under oath in a court of rules you are saying that the content contained in the certificates are true.

    Notary services for Degree Attestation

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    Notary Services for Marriage Attestation

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    Notary services for attest agreement

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    Any Other Notary Services

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    How can GloboPrime help with the Notary services in UAE?

    We attest police clearance certificates and/or any document that requires to be used in the UAE.  We provide attestation services from over 93 Countries worldwide and Attestation is sometimes referred to as legalisation. 

    List of countries documents Notarization we can assist you with!

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