The Role of Dubai Chamber in the Attestation of Commercial Documents

The Role of Dubai Chamber in the Attestation of Commercial Documents‚Äč


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    There is no denying that there are countless opportunities in Dubai to set up a new business or branch in Dubai. Thousands of people migrate to Dubai in the hopes of leading a better lifestyle and setting up a successful business. If you are seeking entry as a foreign national with the intention of establishing a business, you will need to follow certain rules and regulations and obtain permission from the Dubai government as well as other governmental agencies in your home country and the UAE.

    Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry

    Founded in the year 1965, the Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry is a public, non-profit organization responsible for supporting the business community in the Emirate of Dubai and promoting Dubai as a business hub. The main objectives of this Chamber are:

    The reason why we are telling you about the Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry is that when you need commercial document attestation, you will need the attestation of the Dubai Chamber.

    When you plan on moving to Dubai with the purpose of starting or expanding a new business there, you need to get your documents attested by different authorities, and one of the important authorities is the Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry as it oversees the establishment and functioning of businesses in the Emirate.

    Some of the commercial documents that you need to present to the Chamber for attestation are:

    Based on the nature of your business and the kind of activities you intend to engage in Dubai, you might need to present different commercial documents than the stated above. However, the Chamber shall not attest other kinds of documents, such as Birth Certificate, Marriage/Divorce Certificate, Educational Certificates, and so on. Such documents are attested by other authorities.

    The Procedure of Commercial Document Attestation for UAE

    The Chamber is not the only authority that is involved in the attestation procedure; there are other authorities as well. Here are the steps of Commercial Document Attestation:

    The commercial documents are sealed and signed by the concerned authorities in a pre-determined order. Once every step of commercial document attestation is completed, your documents will be considered authentic and can be used in Dubai.

    If you are also planning to travel for the business purpose, hire commercial document attestation services for hassle-free and stress-free attestation at the comfort of your home. Just make sure that the service provider you hire is dependable and it provides 100% service guarantee.

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