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    UAE Golden visa university list : UAE offers "golden visas" to outstanding graduates

    Graduates from the top 100 universities in the world will be able to apply for long-term residency visas(Golden Visa) in the United Arab Emirates. This is part of a plan by the government to attract talented people from around the world.

    It also shows how much governments and employers value reputable, high-quality education to help people move up in their careers and drive knowledge economies.”
    Students who do well in UAE schools and who graduate from UAE universities with “outstanding” grades can also apply for golden visas.

    Top 100 University Students Eligible For Golden Visa Uae

    The government has made more people eligible for these long-term visas, and those who already have them will soon be able to sponsor family members to join them in the country. These changes should take effect later this year.
    Emirates News Agency said in a statement that the new system is meant to “attract and keep talented and skilled workers from around the world” and “make the UAE’s job market more competitive.”
    The country has shown that it wants to attract talented people by making a special “golden visa” for graduates from the top 100 universities in the world.
    It will take into account more factors when looking at applications from this group, such as how well they did in school, when they graduated, and what kind of school they went to.

    “QS‘s director of analytics and evaluation, Leigh Kamolins, said that the UAE‘s visa program shows that university rankings are an important tool for comparing university performance around the world.

    1. Massachusetts institution of technology
    2. University of Oxford
    3. Stanford University
    4. University of Cambridge
    5. Harvard University
    6. California institution of technology
    7. Imperial college London
    8. University of London
    9. Zurich Swiss federal institution of technology
    10. University of Chicago
    11. National University of Singapore
    12. Nanyang technological University
    13. University of Pennsylvania
    14. Ecole Polytechnique federal de lasagne
    15. Yale University
    16. University of Edinburgh
    17. Tsinghua University
    18. Perking University
    19. Colombia University
    20. Princeton University
    21. Cornell University
    22. University of Hong Kong
    23. University of Michigan
    24. The university of Tokyo
    25. John Hopkins University
    26. University of Toronto
    27. Australian national University
    28. McGill University
    29. The university of Manchester
    30. North western university
    31. Fudan university
    32. University of California, Berkeley
    33. Kyoto university
    34. The Hong Kong university of science and technology
    35. King’s college London
    36. Seoul national university
    37. The university of Melbourne
    38. The university of Sydney
    39. The Chinese university of Hong Kong
    40. University of California, Los Angeles
    41. Korea advanced institute of science and technology
    42. New York university
    43. The university of new South Wales
    44. PSL research university
    45. Zhejiang university
    46. University of British Columbia
    47. The university of queen’s land
    48. University of California, San Diego
    49. London school of economics and political science
    50. Shanghai Jiao tong university
    51. Technische universitat munchen
    52. Duke university
    53. Carnegie Mellon university
    54. City University of Hong Kong
    55. University of Amsterdam
    56. Tokyo institute of technology
    57. Delft university of technology
    58. Monash university
    59. Institut Polytechnique de Paris
    60. Brown university
    61. The university of Warwick
    62. University of Bristol
    63. Ruprechet Karl’s Universität Heidelberg
    64. Ludwig Maximilian’s Universität muchan
    65. Universiti Malaya
    66. The Hong Kong polytechnic university
    67. University of Texas at Austin
    68. National Taiwan university
    69. Universidad de Buenos Aires
    70. Katholieke Universiteit Leuven
    71. University of Zurich
    72. Sorbonne university (merged from Paris lV & UPMC)
    73. University of Glasgow
    74. Korea university
    75. University of Wisconsin madison
    76. Osaka university
    77. University of Southampton
    78. Lomonosov Moscow state university
    79. University of Copenhagen
    80. Yonsei university
    81. Pohang university of science and technology
    82. University of Illinois at urban a champaign
    83. Tohoku university
    84. Durham university
    85. University of Washington
    86. The university of Auckland
    87. Lund university
    88. Georgia institute of technology
    89. Royal institute of technology
    90. University of Birmingham
    91. University of St Andrews
    92. University of Leeds
    93. The university of Western Australia
    94. Rice university
    95. The university of Sheffield
    96. Pennsylvania state university
    97. Sungkyunkwan university
    98. University of science and technology of China
    99. Technical university of Denmark
    100. University of North Coralina, Chapel hill


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