A Brief Discussion About Ministry of Foreign Affairs Attestations

A Brief Discussion About Ministry of Foreign Affairs Attestations

The ministry of foreign affairs is referred to as MOFA. As a government agency responsible for foreign relations, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) is tasked with overseeing the attestation process. Obtaining a resident visa, a work permit, or a higher education degree in any country requires a Ministry of foreign affairs attestation. MOFA attestation procedures are carried out by the relevant authorities.

After HRD, MEA, and Embassy attestation, the final step in the certification procedure is MOFA attestation. Foreign ministry attestation is a requirement in every country. With regards to foreign policy and international relations, these ministries are responsible. It is necessary to get your documents authenticated by MOFA before they may be presented to officials.

The following documents will be required in order to receive MOFA attestation:

  • Certificate of authenticity.
  • A photocopy of your passport is required.

To begin, all documents must be authenticated from the source where they were issued. A document’s issue location is determined by the document’s kind. It is only after all the essential procedures have been completed that the MOFA attestation can take place. First, the relevant authorities must certify the documents, and only then can MOFA attestation be completed. In order to travel or relocate to a foreign country, you’ll need a MOFA attestation before you can complete the final step in the immigration process. A resident visa cannot be issued without the attestation of the MOFA. For a family visa, a certification from the Ministry Of Foreign Affairs is necessary.

Ministry of foreign affairs attestation is required after the country’s attestation procedures have been completed. MOFA oversees all aspects of a country’s international relations (ministry of foreign affairs). The government appoints a secretary to run the ministry. Immigrants who want to relocate overseas must be granted attestation by this authority. The MOFA attestation process will prove to a foreign government that your certificate is valid and real.

For example, the attestation can be used for the following: -

  • To pursue higher education abroad.
  • To take a job in another country.
  • For the purpose of relocation.
  • In order to be granted a visa for permanent residence.

If government discovers that the certificates are not authentic, they will refuse to authenticate them, and the user will not be able to use them. To get the documents authenticated by the MOFA, they must be in their original form. When a person submits a duplicate document for attestation, the ministry will take action against them, and may ban them for visiting to that country again. So, be careful about these types of works, and always submit legal documents.  


MOFA attestation is a mandatory step for anyone planning to travel outside of the country. The MOFA attestation cannot take place unless the documents have been pre-authenticated. Ministry Of Foreign Affairs certification establishes the authenticity of the documents brought into the country by newcomers, which is helpful in international transactions.


Travel Conveniently With Full-Proof Ministry of Foreign Affairs Attestation

If you’re looking to travel to a foreign state due to business or personal needs, then look for relevant attestation of documents. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is taking care of all needs of the nationals traveling or residing in a foreign country. Every country is having its MFA department and they do all the document attestation of the individual. Reach out to a professional services provider who can get the documents through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs attestation services.

Document attestation is one of the best ways to prove the authentication of documents possessed by the individual. It is also the process needed by the person planning to move abroad due to different reasons. To use the documents effectively in a foreign country, it is crucial to get the documents attested at the right time. Traveling abroad can be due to different reasons and one needs to get the documents ready before the trip. Take the help of attestation service providers to do the ministry of foreign affairs attestation on the right terms.

Let us look at some of the best reasons to contact the ministry of foreign affairs attestation service –

  • Higher education
  • Personal work
  • Commercial/business need
  • Client meeting
  • Buying or collecting something

There can be multiple reasons behind your travel to a foreign country but is it is important to keep the documents rightly with them. Attest the documents from the right government department so as to use them at relevant places. Once the plan is finalized for your foreign trip, it becomes important to collect all the relevant documents needed for the travel. Make sure they’re verified and thus attested by the respective government departments. The ministry of foreign affairs is the department that collects all your documents and does the relevant attestation in a quick time.

The ministry of foreign affairs is staying connected with other departments of the government to collect the right information. When you need to do the attestation of your personal documents like Birth Certificates, Marriage Certificates, or event Educational certificates you need to take the help of an expert. It is the best way to do the attestation from the relevant departments and in a quick time. The document authentication process is a tough one and thus needs to be cared for by professional experts. Have a clear discussion with the expert to understand the terms in simple language.

Are you looking to spread your business to other parts of the world? It is important to get the documents early so that the travel is a convenient one. A foreign trip is incomplete without the attestation of personal documents and the ones needed for safe travel. Confirm the documents needed for your trip and thus get them attested at the right time. Take the help of reputed professionals from the ministry of foreign affairs to get documents at the correct time. You can talk with the professionals directly to get details of the attestation service and look for ways to get the documents attested.

UAE Facilitate New Online Service for MOFAIC Attestation of Individual and Business Documents

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation provides attestation solutions for documents consisting of invoices, bank statements, Passport copy, and diplomas/degree issued both within the UAE as well as abroad also

The UAE’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation (MoFAIC) said individuals could currently get digital attestation solutions of both industrial and personal documents by seeing its website or using its mobile application, reported news agency WAM.

MoFAIC provides attestation solutions to confirm different sorts of certifications including diplomas and invoices.

These services guarantee the credibility of these documents, irrespective of whether they are provided in the UAE or abroad.

All applications will be evaluated as well as accepted online as well as the costs are accumulated upon fulfilling the needed requirements, the most crucial of which is to make certain that they have been recognized by the pertinent authorities prior to looking for the solution.

MoFAIC has actually teamed up with Emirates Article to pick-up and provide the physical duplicates of the document, without needing the candidates to go to a Consumer Joy Centre.
Consumers will just be required to schedule a pickup for an added Dhs40 cost by calling 042394809.
The officials included that customers can likewise go to among the 5 attestation centers throughout the UAE, as well as must lug with them the original files and the payment receipt.
In Abu Dhabi, the MoFAIC attestation facility lies at the Yas Tasheel Centre in Mussafah.

In Dubai, consumers can visit the MoFAIC attestation centers in Al Tawar Centre– Al Tawar location 2, the Service Centre 1 in Emirates Towers, or the workplace of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as well as International Collaboration in Dubai in the Consulates neighborhood– Bur Dubai.
In Sharjah, the MoFAIC attestation center is located at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Once the document has been stamped by MOFA, the document can then be legally translated into Arabic and stamped by the Ministry of Justice (MOJ) to say that the translator is legally appointed.

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Educational and Professional Certificates such as:

  • Degree Certificate Attestation (Bachelor, Masters, Doctorate)
  • High-School Certificate Attestation (GCSE British curriculum, CSE, IGCSE, GRADE 12,)
  • Professional Degree Certificate (Diploma, Membership, Associate, Masters etc)
  • Equivalency Certificate

Personal Identification Documents such as:

  • Birth, Marriage, Death or Adoption Certificate
  • Certificate of Non-Impediment (CNI) sometimes referred to as a Nulla Osta
  • Passport or Driving License

PCC / Criminal Records Checks such as:

  • Criminal Records Check (CRB) from UK, UAE, Saudi, etc
  • Police Clearance Certificate Retrieval
  • Disclosure Documents
  • Fingerprints / Biometric attestation from UAE emabassy

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