Understanding the Importance of High School Equivalency and School Transfer Certificate in UAE

Understanding the Importance of High School Equivalency and School Transfer Certificate in UAE

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) places a great deal of importance on education, and as such, it has established a system for recognizing and validating the educational credentials of individuals who have completed their education in other countries. Two important documents in this system are the High School Equivalency, High school diploma and School Transfer Certificate, both of which are used to attest to an individual’s educational qualifications.

This is important for individuals who have completed their high school education in another country but wish to pursue higher education or employment in the UAE. High School Equivalency is required for admission to universities in the UAE and for certain types of employment, such as government jobs.

The School Transfer Certificate, also known as the No Objection Certificate, is a document issued by the Ministry of Education that certifies that an individual has completed their education in a particular school and is transferring to another school.

This is typically required for students who are transferring from one school to another within the UAE, but it can also be required for students who are returning to their home country after studying in the UAE.


Both the High School Equivalency and School Transfer Certificate are important documents that are used to attest to an individual’s educational qualifications in the UAE. They are required for admission to universities and for certain types of employment, and they are also used as proof of educational achievement when transferring between schools.


Additionally, both documents require attestation before they can be used in UAE. Attestation refers to the process of verifying and certifying the authenticity of the documents. It is done by authorized government bodies such as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Education, and the Embassy or Consulate of the country where the document is issued. This is done to ensure that the document is genuine and to prevent fraud.


In conclusion, the High School Equivalency and School Transfer Certificate are important documents that are used to attest to an individual’s educational qualifications in the UAE. They are required for admission to universities and certain types of employment, and they also serve as proof of educational achievement when transferring between schools. Attestation of these documents is mandatory to ensure their authenticity, and must be done by authorized government bodies.


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Know the Benefits of Equivalency Certificates?

equivalency certificate

Equivalency certificates are given to students who have completed their studies with a foreign university and want to study in the U.A.E to prove that they are qualified for the course they want to take.

The equivalency certificate is an official document from a foreign university that says what courses the student has completed and at what level, and is needed for admission into American universities

Many people are not aware of what an equivalency certificate is. It is a document that certifies that the holder has the same level of qualifications as someone who has a qualification from a particular country.

Equivalence of Certificates in the UAE

The process by which the ministry of education officially endorses a degree and declares the document to be equal to UAE standards is known as certificate equivalency. It usually entails two or three levels of attestations across government departments in both countries, as well as a review by an equivalency committee, following which the letter of equivalency is issued by the UAE Ministry of Education.

Why Use an Equivalency Certificate?

To apply for an Equivalency certificate from the Ministry of Education in the UAE, you must carefully follow a prescribed procedure for final attestation of your degree. You can be confident that it will be completed on time with the assistance GloboPrime

  1. A candidate who has completed their studies at a school, college, or university located outside of the United Arab Emirates.
  2. People who is applying for Golden Visa Equivalency certificate or MOE attestation is required.
  3. Equvialency cerificate is required for Teachers License in UAE.
  4. If you are applying for govenment jobs in UAE, you need to submit MOE approved equvialency certificate for your visa application.

Equivalency certificates are needed to work in some countries Contact Us : info@globoprime.com or 042394809

The Benefits of UAE Entry and Exit Certificate in Covid-19 Times

Are you looking to enter UAE or travel to UAE for work opportunities? You need to have ICA Report or UAE Entry and Exit Certificate ready for generating a work permit. The report is the record of entry & exit of individuals from the UAE. The certificate is provided by the Federal Authority of Identity and Citizenship (FAIC), the Government approved institute of the land.

The Covid-19 pandemic has resulted in the restricted entry of personnel from foreign countries, but the importance of the IRC report is still relevant for all. Take the help of companies & agencies who can help you effectively get the certificates. The service will help you obtain the reports needed to prove all your travel records in the UAE.

What is UAE Entry and Exit Certificate?

It is the certificate that records details of entry/exit in the UAE. ICA Report will show the travel history & movement of a resident (in or outside the UAE), which includes all details like entry/exit date, destination, and more. You need to get the report ready for easy travel & clearance of work in the region. No worries! Some agencies can help you get the right kind of certificate & clearance to enter the UAE.

The 2 kinds of Entry/Exit Travel Report are –

  1. Single Entry & Exit Travel Report: It shows the last travel status of the application.
  1. Detailed Entry/Exit Passenger Report: It reflects the full history of entry/exit status of the applicant.

The entry & exit certificate will ensure your entry into the country in simple terms. The details of the ICA report include arrival & departure destinations, transaction type, date, port name, passport number, and more. It helps the Government to track your travel details & maintain the level of security! Obtaining the certificates become simple with the help of expert agencies who does the attestation services.

The ICA report is a mandatory document to be uploaded while applying for the equivalent certificate. The residents also need to obtain the ICA report first to secure the tax residency certificate. The Covid-19 scenario has enforced a couple of changes in the entry within the UAE and it is better to reach out to professionals to be clearer of the current entry or exit scenario. The authorities have introduced special facilities for the business & working community that can be availed in an orderly manner.

There are multiple ways to apply for the UAE entry and Exit Certificate. Visit the DMCC portal to fill the form on your own & submit all the required documents and records. The other convenient way is to reach out to agents or agencies that can help you get the certificates with a small service cost. Make sure you contact GloboPrime for swifter processing of UAE Entry and exit certificates. They have all the Government level contacts to get the job done in quick time!

What is ICA Approval in UAE and How to get it?

ICA approval is an important form of certification that is required to enter in UAE. It is also known as the UAE entry and exit certificate that is the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship (FAIC). It is a travel record that is needed by ex-pats who have resided in UAE and UAE residents for a variety of reasons. Earlier it was required for all UAE residents, now travellers holding UAE residence visas need approval from the ICA to re-enter the country.

With new rules, UAE residents do not require ICA approval to return to the country from a foreign visit, while an ex-pat needs ICA approval from MOFA UAE along with a valid UAE national identity card (Emirates ID) to return to the country. ICA report is an important document that is needed when:

  • You are applying for an equivalency certificate in UAE on the Ministry of Education portal
  • You are planning to immigrate to a foreign country
  • You are required to submit a tax residency certificate or tax domicile certificate in your origin country as an ex-pat in UAE. ICA report is a mandatory document to secure a tax residency certificate from the Ministry of Finance in UAE.

A UAE entry and exit certificate mentions the record of travel history to and from the UAE. Every time someone visits a foreign country, he/she receives a visa stamp on their passport. This record is considered as the travel history of an individual mentioned in the ICA report approved by FAIC.

An ICA report contains:

  • Arrival & departure destinations
  • Passport number
  • Transaction type (entry or exit)
  • Transaction date (date of travel)
  • Port name and port type (Airport / Seaport)

You can apply for a UAE entry and exit certificate as:

  • Single Entry/ Exit Travel Report mentioning the most travel status
  • Detailed Entry/ Exit Travel Report with full travel history inside and outside the UAE.

You can also prefer to get a customized report for your travel history as per your movement report inside and outside the UAE. You can secure your ICA report from GDRFA (General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs) after approval from FAIC. To apply for your UAE entry-exit report, you will need to submit your passport copy and Emirates ID copy with your application. Getting an ICA report in UAE can cost around AED 200-300.

How to get ICA approval in UAE?

You can apply for a UAE entry and exit report on the ICA website on your own, but without proper knowledge and understanding of the process, you may receive a red signal from the authority. It’s better to consult with a professional agency for assistance during the process to get a green signal for approval to enter in UAE easily and quickly. Contact GloboPrime for more details regarding the ICA report and the status of your application in UAE.

Documents Required for Equivalency in UAE

Obtaining an equivalency certificate is a multi-step process and requires careful attention to details, getting a document attested demands expertise and a full understanding of the procedures involved.Equivalency is the process by which ministry of education officially endorse a degree and declare the document to be equal to UAE standard.Document Requirements for equivalency application
  • A copy of the eligibility to be equalized with propriety attested, and the mark sheet(transcripts) for the eligibility to be equalized.
  • A copy of the transcript record of transferred hours for each institution independently (where applicable).
  • The original letter of the embassy of the country issuing the qualification with the academic institution’s reply indicating: the authenticity of the qualification. Qualifications issued from certain countries are exempted from providing this letter (click here to review the list of the countries that are exempted from this requirement) as the Ministry corresponds the specialized authorities in these countries to get the needed information.
  • Legal translation of the certificate if issued in any language other than Arabic or English.
  • A copy of the high school certificate, duly attested (except for the cases where high school certificate is 20 years old, and in such cases, a letter of the embassy of the country issuing the high school certificate is required, indicating the authenticity of the high school certificate and its duration.
  • Proving attendance in the country of study (for students enrolled in the year 2000 and after): passport and a proof of residence (entry and exit seals for the country where the applicant studied), or a copy of the first entry to the country.
Note: All Applicants have to prepare and attest all the required university and high school certificates and transcripts before leaving their home country and/or the country in which they graduated.