Legalizing Your Marriage Certificate in India: A Step-by-Step Guide to Attestation

Legalizing Your Marriage Certificate in India: A Step-by-Step Guide to Attestation

Marriage certificate attestation is a crucial step in the process of legalising a marriage certificate for use in another country. In today’s globalized world, couples frequently relocate abroad for professional, educational, or personal reasons. In such cases, the marriage certificate needs to be verified and legalised to ensure that it is recognized as a valid document in the destination country. 

Marriage certificate attestation is a process that involves verifying the authenticity of the marriage certificate and legalizing it through a chain of attestation from various authorities. This makes sure that the document can be used for official or legal purposes in the country where it is going. Depending on the country and the reason for using the marriage certificate, there may be different rules for attestation. It is important to follow the rules to avoid any legal problems.


I. What is Marriage Certificate Attestation?

II. Why is marriage certificate attestation important?

III. Who can get their marriage certificate attested in India?

IV. What documents are required for marriage certificate attestation?

V. How long does it take to get a marriage certificate attested in India?

VI. Is marriage certificate attestation required for all countries?

What is Marriage Certificate Attestation?​

Mariage certificate attestation is the process of verifying the authenticity of a marriage certificate by a government-authorised agency to ensure that the information contained in the certificate is true. This process involves making sure that the document is real and legal so that it can be used in another country. In cases where the country is a member of the Hague Convention, the process is called an apostille marriage certificate. Attestation of a marriage certificate is basically a way to verify the document so that it can be used legally and officially in other countries.

In India, attestation of a marriage certificate is done so that it can be used as proof of a marriage in legal and official situations. For example, you need it to get a visa, apply for a passport, transfer property, and do other things that are similar. In these cases, the government needs a marriage certificate that has been signed by an official to show that the applicant is married.

The process of marriage certificate attestation in India typically involves the following steps:

State Attestation: The State Home Department (SHD) of the state where the marriage certificate was issued first attests it. The issuing authority verifies the signature and seal of the certificate and attests to it.

MEA Attestation: After the state attestation, the marriage certificate is sent to the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA), which checks the state attestation and attests the certificate. This is required for all certificates being used outside of India.

Embassy/Consulate Attestation: Lastly, if the marriage certificate is going to be used in a country outside of India, the embassy or consulate of that country in India must attest it. The embassy verifies the MEA attestation and attests the certificate.

Why is marriage certificate attestation important?

Attesting a marriage certificate is important for a number of reasons, especially if you want to use it for official or legal purposes in another country. Here are some of the key reasons why marriage certificate attestation is important:

  • Legal Validity: Marriage certificate attestation verifies that the certificate is authentic and legally valid. It serves as proof that the couple is legally married and the information in the certificate is true.
  • Authentication: Attestation ensures that the certificate is genuine and issued by a government-authorised agency. This helps prevent fraud and forgery, thereby maintaining the integrity of the document.
  • Acceptance: In many cases, authorities in other countries require an attested marriage certificate to verify the marital status of the applicant. Marriage certificate attestation ensures that the document will be accepted and recognized by foreign governments and institutions.
  • Visa and Immigration: Many countries require an attested marriage certificate as part of the visa and immigration application process. Without attestation, the application may be rejected, causing delays and complications.
  • Property and Inheritance: In cases where the marriage certificate is used for transferring property or inheritance, attestation helps to establish the legitimacy of the claim and ensures that the transfer is legally valid.

Attestation of a marriage certificate is important for legal validity, acceptance, visa and immigration, property, inheritance, and other reasons. It makes sure that the certificate is legal and that authorities in other countries will accept it.


Who can get their marriage certificate attested in India?

In India, a valid marriage certificate from a government-approved agency can be “attested” by anyone who has it. This includes both Indian citizens and foreign nationals. But the exact requirements and steps for attestation of a marriage certificate may change based on the reason for attestation and the country where the certificate will be used.

For example, if you need to get a visa or move to a different country and need to have your marriage certificate attested, the requirements may be different from one country to the next. If the certificate is for property or an inheritance, the specific requirements may depend on the laws of the state where the property is located.

In India, a person must first apply to the State Home Department (SHD) of the state where the certificate was issued for attestation at the state level. After attestation at the state level, the certificate needs to be sent to the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) for attestation at the MEA level. Lastly, if the certificate is going to be used in a country other than India, it must be attested by the embassy or consulate of that country in India.



What documents are required for marriage certificate attestation?

The documents required for marriage certificate attestation may vary depending on the purpose of attestation and the country where it will be used. However, in general, the following documents are required for marriage certificate attestation in India:

  • Original Marriage Certificate: The original marriage certificate issued by the government-authorized agency needs to be presented for attestation.
  • Passport: The applicant’s passport, which should be valid and have a minimum of six months validity, is required for identification purposes.
  • Aadhaar Card: In some cases, an Aadhaar card or other government-issued ID card may be required as a secondary form of identification.
  • Application Form: A filled-out application form, which can be obtained from the relevant authorities or attestation service providers, is required.
  • Fees: Applicable fees for attestation are also required.
  • Other Documents: Depending on the specific requirements for the purpose of attestation, additional documents such as a copy of the spouse’s passport, photographs, or a declaration form may be required.


How long does it take to get a marriage certificate attested in India?

How long it takes to get a marriage certificate attested in India depends on many things, such as the reason for the attestation, the issuing authority, the state where the certificate was issued, and the amount of work at the attesting authority.

In general, the time taken for marriage certificate attestation in India can range from a few days to several weeks or even months. The state-level attestation can take anywhere from 1–5 working days, depending on the state. The MEA-level attestation can take another 2-5 working days, depending on the workload at the MEA.

If the certificate needs to be sent to the embassy or consulate of a foreign country for attestation, the processing time can vary depending on what that embassy or consulate needs and how it works.


Is marriage certificate attestation required for all countries?

Not all countries require attestation of a marriage certificate, but many do when the certificate needs to be used for legal or official purposes. Depending on the country and the reason for the attestation, the exact requirements can be different.

For example, if an Indian couple wants to get a dependent visa to go to the United States, they will need to show a marriage certificate that has been signed by the right people in India. If an Indian couple wants to live in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), they will need to provide an attested marriage certificate as part of the visa application process.

The level of attestation needed can also change the requirements for marriage certificate attestation. Some countries only need an attestation from the state, while others may also need an attestation from the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) or the embassy or consulate of the destination country.



Marriage certificate attestation is a legal process that makes sure a marriage certificate is valid and can be used in another country. With the increasing trend of globalization and mobility, more and more couples are finding the need to legalize their marriage certificate for various purposes such as immigration, education, work, or personal reasons. The attestation process involves a chain of checks by different authorities to make sure that the document is real. This is important to avoid legal problems and make sure that the document will be accepted in the destination country. Couples must follow the necessary steps and requirements to get the attestation, which can be different depending on where they are going and what they will use it for. By legalizing their union through marriage certificate attestation, couples can navigate the complexities of international legal systems and ensure their marriage is recognized and respected around the world.

Planning to Take Your Family Abroad for Settlement – Contact Marriage Certificate Attestation Services

Taking your family to work across the world is a tough task. Following of right procedures can be completed in a legal way. Marriage certificate attestation is the right way to complete the submission tasks appropriately. The service providers do the relevant attestation tasks as per plans and contact the right professionals to complete the tasks accurately. Contact the marriage certificate attestation experts able to complete attestation requirements at simple rates.

Do you want to validate your marriage in a foreign country? The certificate needs to be attested in the right manner and taking a call on the specific attestation needs become vital. Come up with plans to deal with the settlement of the family in the work country at very desirable rates. There are multiple options for attestation services and taking a call on the certificate attestation need becomes critical. Check the reputation of service providers to deal with the best results.

Let us look at the top benefits of selecting marriage certificate attestation services –

  1. It is the desirable way to prove the identity of the marriage certificate

Use the documents in the foreign country, and prove the authenticity of the person. Complete the attestation tasks timely and complete the tasks from the local authorities. There are specific set patterns to certify the documents and take a call on the right type of services timely.

  1. Avoid any hiccup in the marriage certificate attestation process

The other top benefit will be to comply with the process using the relevant legal procedures. It can be troubling to get the documents signed correctly and planning the best document signing becomes vital. Deal with problems in reaching specific government documents and solve the trouble easily.

  1. It is the internationally accepted form to acquire a marriage certificate

The other crucial thing with the marriage certificate documentation process is to travel the world with the specific document. Transport to the right location to settle your family with effective marriage certificate attestation needs. Do the signing or certification of documents correctly so that the family gets settled in the foreign destination easily.

  1. Confirm the procedure of marriage certification by knowing the specific funds

There are all kinds of options for acquiring marriage certifications done within budget. Be sure with the specific procedure followed in signing or certifying the marriage certification attestation needs timely.


The Importance of Marriage Certificate Attestation and its Benefits when Relocating Abroad

Marriage certificate attestation is an important process when planning to relocate with your family to a foreign country. It involves legally verifying and legitimizing your marriage certificate so that it can be recognized and accepted in the country of destination. This process is necessary for a number of reasons, including obtaining work or residence permits, enrolling children in schools, and accessing healthcare and other public services.

  • The different types of attestation services available: Depending on where you are traveling and the purpose of your visit, different types of attestation services may be required. For example, some countries may require notarization, while others may require apostille certification. Understanding the different types of services available and what is required for your specific situation is important.

  • The process of attestation: Knowing the steps involved in the attestation process can help you plan and prepare accordingly. This can include things like obtaining the necessary documents, scheduling appointments, and paying any required fees.

  • Required documents: In order to complete the attestation process, you may need to provide certain documents, such as your marriage certificate, ID cards, and proof of residence. Understanding what documents are required and making sure you have all of them in order can save time and hassle.

  • Time frame: Each country or embassy may have different time frame for the process of attestation. It’s important to know about the time frame that each country will take for attestation to plan your trip accordingly.

  • Cost: The cost of attestation services can vary depending on the country, type of service, and other factors. Knowing the cost in advance can help you budget and plan accordingly.

  • Reputation of service providers: It’s important to research and choose a reputable service provider that has experience and good track record with marriage certificate attestation. This can help ensure that the process goes smoothly and that you receive a valid and legally recognized attestation.


Importance of Marriage Certificate Attestation

Verification of documents through attestation is one of the safe methods to travel abroad & do the work effectively. Attestation of documents is the International norm to authenticate personal documents. Marriage certificate attestation is the method in which the marriage document is verified for international use. If you desire to take your wife to a new nation around the world for a living then marriage certificate attestation is an important aspect. Take the help of attestation service providers who can your personal documents through government agencies.

Proving the relationship status of people is critical to add your partner’s name to the passport. For families looking for long-term stays in a foreign nation, you need to get the marriage attestation done from the native nation. The procedure of attestation is helping people migrate to live in a foreign country. Marriage certificates are part of your personal documents that need legalization. The process of legalization is implemented by the native government to enter the country abroad. Reach out to professionals & agencies who can attest to the marriage certificate in a proven way.

Let us look at some of the top reasons to attest to the marriage certificate –

  • To take your partner to a foreign nation for living and do the work flawlessly.
  • It assists in adding up your spouse’s name in the passport.
  • For effective admission of wife in the hospital.
  • For applying for passports for children.
There is a procedure to verify & attest the documents in the country of origin and there is no shortcut to it. All the documents need to be attested first for the regional authentication center & relevant resource development. Then the relevant documents go to a ministry of external affairs, and then finally it goes to the embassy for final approval. For applying for jobs or taking part in education institutions, it is important to get all the documents verified the right way. Help your wife or partner to join an institution in a foreign nation and thus marriage certificate attestation comes into play. Marriage certificate attestation is an integral part of the document attestation process. Make your visit smooth to other nations with help of necessary attested documents. Attest the documents with help of Government officials and apply for the relevant visa. The credibility or validity of the marriage will be verified with help of necessary certificate attestation. Take the help of professionals who can attest to the documents at the right time. Families looking to relocate to a foreign nation must understand the entire process. Help your spouse relocate to other countries with help of suitable document attestation.

Are You planning a Christian Wedding in Dubai? Here is What You Should Know!

Dubai is one of the safest cities in the world, and it is also a perfect place to live and settle down. The weather is usually warm, housing options are enormous, education quality is of a higher standard, and there is a lot of freedom of religious and cultural expression. In fact, many ex-pat families are living there for a long time and consider Dubai as their home. Thus, it is no surprise that many ex-pats are getting married in Dubai.


Even though the UAE is an Islamic nation, Christian ex-pats have the freedom to tie the knot in a typical Christian way. Having a Christian wedding is pretty easy in Dubai or anywhere in the UAE; however, you need to fulfill a few requirements to become eligible for having a marriage in one of the churches situated in the UAE.

Requirements for Church Wedding in Dubai, UAE

At least one spouse must be Roman Catholic and one of them must be a resident in Dubai. The minimum age of marriage for a woman is 18 years and for a man is 21 years. To get married in the UAE, you and your fiancée will need to provide the following documentation:
  • Birth certificates
  • A certificate of marital status – stating whether you are single, divorced, or widowed
  • Your passports
  • Passport-sized photos
The certificate of marital status must be approved / attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) of your home country or by the consulate representing your home country in the UAE. However, the church usually carries out this check for you. Some countries, including the UK, require their citizens to submit marriage applications to their embassy or consulate in the UAE at least two months before the scheduled date of the wedding. So, you should find it out if your home country also poses this requirement on marriage applicants. For this, visit your embassy’s website and book an appointment by following instructions. You will need the scheduled date of your wedding ceremony before making an appointment. In case you are an ex-pat hoping for a UAE wedding, either the bride or groom must hold a valid UAE residence visa. What about the Christian wedding ceremony in the UAE??? Reverends are legally allowed to marry couples within the church only. Thus, even if you have decided on a beautiful location for your wedding, you will need to have an official ceremony in the church ahead of that day. It is mandatory to go through the official process. Ex-pats are required to have two witnesses present at the wedding ceremony and these witnesses need not be your relatives, they could be your friends too. Following your special day, you are also required to register your marriage with your embassy or consulate in the UAE. The whole service lasts around 45 minutes and is managed by the Reverend – who will be the one to tell you – what to do and when. So, there is no need to panic that you will walk or say something at the wrong time. Catholic Churches in Dubai are registered at Dubai Courts. Thus any documentation they issue is considered legal. Booking your wedding at any of these churches is easy and all of the information along with application forms can be found on their websites. Once your official Christian wedding completes and you get your marriage certificate, make sure that you apply for Church Marriage attestation. However, the attestation process alone can be tiresome and overwhelming especially for a new couple who is recently married. Thus, you can hire a reliable service provider to complete the process of Church marriage attestation while you get busy spending quality time with your spouse.

What is the Process of Catholic Marriage and Church Marriage Attestation in the UAE?

Are you a Christian residing in the UAE expatriate and want to get married here with a UAE resident to settle here? If yes, then you can do it in churches that are legally registered at the Dubai courts to perform church marriage ceremonies. You can marry in nine catholic churches across the UAE with your partner as per the catholic rituals. To get married and settled in the UAE, you have to do it as per the country’s laws and get a marriage certificate that should be MOFA attested for further processing.

Criteria for church marriage in the UAE

  • One spouse must be roman catholic (either of them)
  • One spouse must be a UAE resident (either of them)
  • The minimum marriage age for a woman is 18 years
  • The minimum marriage age for a man is 21 years
So if you are looking for church marriage attestation to live with your spouse legally in the country, you have to produce some legal documents to arrange your marriage in a church. As per the laws here, you will be asked to produce the following documents in original to get married in a UAE church.
  • Baptism certificate of both spouses
  • Confirmation certificates
  • Emirates ID document
  • Passport copy with UAE visa
  • Civil marriage certificate
  • NOC letter from the Church
  • Prenuptial inquiry form
  • A birth certificate and a letter from the embassy if either of the spouses is not catholic
  • Passport-size photographs of each.
Once you have produced the above documents, intent to marry will be posted at the concerned church, and you can marry on the scheduled date. You will also need two witnesses aged over 18 to certify your legal marriage to get your marriage certificate. After the marriage, the bride, groom, and witness will have to sign essential documents to get the marriage certificate. Your church will issue three copies of the marriage certificate in the English language for the further church marriage attestation process. Once you have received your marriage certificate, you have to get it attested from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to apply for your resident visa in the country and other legal documentation. Before the attestation process, you will have to translate your marriage certificate into the Arabic language from a professional translation company. Once you are done with this, you will have to submit your produce your marriage certificate in the Dubai court with the mandatory documents for verification. You will need the following documents:
  • All three original marriage certificates
  • Translation copy in the Arabic language of your marriage certificate
  • Copies of passport and visas
  • Copies of Emirates ID proof
You will also need all the documents in original with you for the notary verification. Once your marriage certificate gets verified, make the payment for the notary verification fee to get your marriage certificates stamped. You will receive court stamping on two of your marriage certificates for the attestation processing. After the court verification, you will have to get the MOJ (Ministry of Justice) stamping on both certificates before the MOFA church marriage attestation. After this, you are ready to register your catholic marriage at the relevant embassy depending on your nationality to get your MOFA attestation done. The marriage certificate attestation process can be challenging and time-consuming. A professional attestation services company can assist you throughout your church marriage certificate attestation process with legal guidance and support. The whole marriage certificate attestation process can take about two working days, and an expert can help you save a lot of time and energy.

How Can I Get My Marriage Certificate Attested in the UAE?

One of the happiest things for a man living abroad is getting an opportunity to bring his spouse or family with him there. There are a few essential procedures that need to be followed before moving to a new country with your spouse.

Thus, when planning to move abroad with your spouse, you need to grow through the documentation process. Without the documentation process, you can’t move to a foreign country. Once the documentation process is over, the next crucial step is authentication. The most effective way to authenticate your certificates is the attestation, especially marriage certificate attestation required if you bring your spouse or family with you. 

According to UAE law, it is not legal for a couple to live together if they are not married. Every step needs to be completed to fulfil the attestation process. With the help of the attestation service in Dubai, you can rest assured that all the attestation is completed on your marriage certificate to use in the UAE.

Here is an overview of the process involved for attestation:

  1. Attestation from Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the home country

For a marriage certificate to become genuine it should be attested after notarization’s authority. The apex body for authorizing is the ministry of external affairs of the issuing country.


  1. Attestation from the embassy of the UAE

After receiving attestation from the ministry of in the home country, the documents are then taken to the UAE embassy located in your home country. The UAE embassy will only attest the certificate, after ensuring that the certificate is attested by the required authorities of your home country.


  1. MOFA attestation for a marriage certificate in the UAE

As a final step, the ministry of foreign affairs checks and certifies the genuineness of the documents.

Before submitting the documents for attestation, you need to ensure that the marriage certificates contain the following information:

  • Your name and spouse name
  • Age of both the applicants
  • Date and Place of marriage
  • Address of both the applicants
  • Name of the witnesses
  • Institution that officiated the marriage