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Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 is transforming the economy, creating exciting opportunities for skilled professionals . Vision 2030 is revolutionizing the country’s economy and attracting skilled expats from around the world to Saudi Arabia. Projects like NEOM and Kingdom Tower Jeddah , and the recent one project Al Ulla these projects showcase the demand in employment for professionals across various sectors. As Saudi Arabia welcomes greater international talent, ensuring your certificates are accurately attested is more important than ever.

Certificate Attestation for Expats Moving to Saudi Arabia

What is Saudi Arabia Certificate Attestation?

In Saudi Arabia Certificate attestation is the official verification of your educational, personal, and professional documents for use in Saudi Arabia.  It ensures Saudi authorities recognize them as authentic and ensures you can pursue everything from job opportunities to residency without unnecessary delays.Proper certificate attestation not only avoids unnecessary obstacles but unlocks the exciting opportunities Saudi Arabia offers to skilled expats.

Why is Certificate attestation required for Saudi Arabia ? 

Certificate attestation is the process of verifying the authenticity of your personal, educational, and commercial documents.  Saudi Arabian authorities require attestation to ensure the legitimacy of your qualifications, business credentials, and personal records. It ensures that your qualifications, business credentials, and personal records  are recognized and accepted within the Kingdom.

Why Expats Need Certificate Attestation in Saudi Arabia? 

Expats moving to Saudi Arabia will likely need attestation for several key documents:

  • Personal Documents Attestation for Saudi Arabia
    To sponsor family members for residency visas, you might need attested marriage certificates and birth certificates of dependents.

    • Marriage certificates attestation for Saudi Arabia : Essential for obtaining family visas and establishing residency.
    • Birth certificates attestation for Saudi Arabia: Required for school enrollment for children and residency formalities.
    • Police clearance certificates attestation for Saudi Arabia: May be required for background checks for certain positions.
    • Other Purposes: Attested certificates may be required for various government services like obtaining a driver’s license or opening a bank account.
  • Educational Documents Attestation for Saudi Arabia
    • Degrees Certificate attestation for Saudi Arabia and transcripts: any companies in Saudi Arabia require attested certificates during the hiring process to verify your qualifications and experience.Attestation of Certificate for Saudi Arabia is vital for both university recognition and proving job qualifications.
    • Professional certifications attestation for Saudi Arabia: Ensure your licenses (medical, engineering, etc.) are valid in Saudi Arabia.

Why commercial Documents Need Attestation for Saudi Arabia?

  • Commercial Documents attestation for Saudi Arabia
    • Company registration: Necessary for legally operating your business in the Kingdom.
    • Import/export documents attestation for Saudi Arabia: Ensure they comply with Saudi Arabian regulations.

Essentially, attestation process make your documents ready for you to present to the required authority that can be your company or sponsor or any other government requirement

Saudi Arabia’s Economic Growth & Attestation

Saudi Arabia’s surging economy is a magnet for international talent and business ventures. As the statistics report (source  ) shows In the fourth quarter of 2023, net foreign direct investment (FDI) in Saudi Arabia reached 13 billion SAR, an increase of 16% compared to the previous quarter.  The government’s focus on diversification and attracting skilled workers has created a fertile ground for expats with the right credentials.40% growth in expat engineers is projected by 2025 in Saudi Arabia. Proper certificate attestation ensures that your qualifications are recognized, opening doors to a wealth of opportunities in this dynamic landscape.Thus these figures showing the opportunities for any one moving to Saudi Arabia.(source )

What is the Certificate Attestation Process for Saudi Arabia ? 

The Attestation Process – A Simplified Overview

While rules vary slightly by country, the general steps are:

  1. Local/Home Country Attestation: Verification at the document origin (university, government Departments, etc.).
  2. Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) Attestation: MOFA verification by your home country.
  3. Saudi Embassy/Consulate Attestation: Final authentication by the Saudi Embassy or Consulate in your home country.Saudi Cultural Mission (SCM): Educational documents (diplomas, transcripts) for teachers might require verification by the SCM in your home country, depending on specific requirements.
  4. MOFA Attestation in Saudi Arabia

Specific requirements can vary based on your home country and type of document.  Expert services, like GloboPrime,Can help you with the attestation process from your home country up to the last step of attestation. 


Challenges Expats Might Face Without Attestation

  • Job Delays and Loss: Unattested documents can stall employment offers or lead to contract issues.
  • Disrupted Family Relocation: Schools may not enroll children, and residency applications can be hindered without attested family documents.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is rapidly becoming a hub for skilled professionals from around the globe.the demand for expat talent is soaring. In 2022, the IT sector alone saw a 15% increase in expat professionals.Proper certificate attestation is your key to unlocking these exciting opportunities

Who Needs Attestation & What Documents Are Involved

If you are an expat relocating to Saudi Arabia, there’s a strong chance you’ll need attestation.  Commonly attested documents include:

  • Educational: Degrees, transcripts, diplomas
  • Personal: Marriage certificates, birth certificates, police clearance certificates
  • Professional: Licenses, experience letters, company documents


 Are there specific attestation requirements for doctors/engineers/etc. moving to Saudi Arabia?

Yes, there are often additional attestation requirements for regulated professions such as doctors, engineers, teachers, lawyers, and accountants.  Here’s what you need to know:

  • Saudi Licensing Bodies: Each profession has a corresponding Saudi governing body that oversees licensing and sets specific requirements. Examples include:
    • Saudi Commission for Health Specialties (SCHS) for healthcare professionals
    • Saudi Council of Engineers (SCE) for engineers
    • Ministry of Education for teachers
  • In addition to standard certificate attestation (degrees, transcripts, etc.),  these Saudi bodies  (SCHS, SCE) often require:
    • Certificate of good standing/practice from your home country
    • Work experience letters, detailed and verified
    • Proficiency exams or assessments in some cases

Translation Requirements:

Have all documents in languages other than Arabic or English translated by a certified translator.

Data Consistency:

Ensure your name on all documents (certificates, ID, etc.) matches exactly.

Conclusion: Certificate Attestation – Your Passport to Success in Saudi Arabia


With your certificates officially recognized, you’re ready to unlock the vast potential that Saudi Arabia offers! Saudi Arabia is rapidly evolving into a global hub for business and innovation.  Vision 2030 and groundbreaking developments like NEOM signal an increasing demand for skilled expatriates.  Certificate Attestation for Expats Moving to Saudi Arabia is a mandatory step for securing employment, enrolling in educational institutions, and completing various administrative procedures within the Kingdom.GloboPrime has an in-depth understanding of Saudi Arabian attestation requirements and a proven track record in simplifying the process. Contact us today for Certificate Attestation for Saudi arabia 



Is certificate attestation mandatory for Saudi Arabia?

 Attestation is usually mandatory for employment, education, family visas, and accessing certain government services in Saudi Arabia. It’s best to confirm with the relevant authority in Saudi Arabia for your specific situation.

What happens if I don’t attest my documents before relocating to Saudi Arabia?

You could face delays in obtaining a work visa, enrolling in education, opening a bank account, or completing other official procedures.

Do teachers need ALL their educational certificates attested for Saudi Arabia?

Typically, your highest degree and transcripts are the priority. However, always confirm the specific requirements with the school or educational authority or requested authority.

Does my spouse also need certificate attestation if they plan to work in Saudi Arabia?

Yes, if your spouse intends to work, they’ll likely need their educational, professional, and potentially personal documents attested.

How to Stay Updated with Saudi Arabia Certificate attestation requirements ?

  • Reputable Attestation Services: Get in touch with Reputable Companies like GloboPrime stay informed about any changes.
  • Expat Communities: Online expat groups often discuss their experiences, giving insights into recent processes.

Check these websites for the latest procedures:

Ministry of Foreign Affairs Saudi Arabia (

Relevant Saudi government portals based on profession

Your home country’s embassy/consulate in Saudi Arabia

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