A Definitive Guide for Indians to Get Dubai Work Visa

Every year, many Indians move to Dubai, UAE to earn a good living and have a stable future. It’s not that they want to move abroad by circumstances; instead, they find a better future in the place. It’s because Dubai is a business hub, generating a lot of job opportunities. Dubai has jobs in different industries with good remuneration. It means Dubai has jobs for people with varied qualifications. Most importantly, Dubai offers a better lifestyle along with a good career.

It is not so complicated to move without a Dubai work visa. For anyone who wishes to pursue a career in UAE, you could come on a visit visa. But before you decide to make a visit to UAE and your main purpose is to get a job here, degree attestation for UAE is a must prior to your arrival in UAE. Once you are here, you could start your job hunt. The biggest mistake you can make is not attesting your degree before coming to UAE.

We do not wish this to happen to you. Therefore, we have explained the step-by-step process to get Dubai Work Visa.

First, you should look for a job in Dubai

Many people believe that moving to Dubai and securing a Dubai work visa and search for a job on arrival. It’s is very right to come to Dubai on a visit visa and then search for an employer who can provide you a Dubai work visa. Its imperative that the person or candidate is here in UAE to attend interviews.

Second, you should submit the documents.

As soon as you receive the job offer from your employer, the UAE residence visa processing will start. In order to secure a Dubai work visa or otherwise commonly called as UAE resident visa you will need an attested degree certificate, valid passport with a minimum of 6 months. Remember, the requirements change for a Dubai work visa is based on the home country of the applicants.

Before submitting the documents, make sure they are valid and not expired. In case the documents are not right, the visa might get rejected. The documents will be submitted to the employer, who will apply for your work permit.

Third, you will get a Dubai work visa

The application for the Dubai work visa is not processed by your employer; the employer only acts as the middleman. The employer will submit the application and all your documents to the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MOHRE).

The authority will verify all your documents at different stages. If the officials find that everything is right, they will issue a Dubai work visa. It is also known as a work permit.

Fifth, you will get a Dubai Work Residency Permit on arrival

After successful completion of your tests in Dubai, you will get Dubai Work Residency Permit. The immigration officials give this permit to assure that you have officially become a part of Dubai’s workforce.

The Dubai Work Residency Permit is given before you receive Emirates ID and Labour Card.

Applying for a Dubai work visa and keeping track of its processing status is a bit difficult. So, you should work with professionals for the same.

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