How to Get Your Singleness Certificate Attested in Dubai?

A singleness certificate, Globoprime also known as a certificate of no impediment or certificate of celibacy, is a legal document that verifies that a person is not currently married or in a registered partnership. It is typically required when getting married abroad or in a foreign country.

The procedure of having your singleness certificate attested in Dubai involves the appropriate authorities confirming the validity of your document. This blog will explain the singleness certificate attestation in Dubai.

When You Need a Singleness Certificate?

If you are planning to get marriage certificate abroad, you can need a singleness certificate in the following cases:

  • You are a foreign national and want to get married in another country.
  • The country where you want to marry requires that you provide proof of your single status before getting married.
  • You have previously been married or in a registered partnership, and the country where you want to marry requires proof that the previous marriage or partnership has been dissolved (such as a divorce decree or death certificate of the former spouse).
  • It’s important to research the specific requirements for the country where you plan to get married and to allow enough time to obtain any necessary documents, including a singleness certificate, well in advance of the wedding date.

Steps to Get Your Singleness Certificate Attested

  1. Obtaining a Singleness Certificate

Getting the certificate itself is the first step in having your singleness certificate attested. A singleness certificate is available from the appropriate agencies in your nation.

  1. Translation of Singleness Certificate

You must get the singleness certificate translated into English by a recognized translation company if it is not already in English. This is because all documentation must be in English for the attestation process.

  1. Attesting Your Singleness Certificate

You can proceed to get it attested once you obtain the singleness certificate and its English translation. The certificate must be submitted for attestation to the appropriate authorities in Dubai, who will check its validity. The procedure generally includes notarization, authentication, attestation, and final attestation.

  1. Paying Fees

You will be required to pay the attestation procedure costs. Depending on the sort of attestation needed and the nation where the certificate was issued, various fees could apply. The appropriate authorities in Dubai provide a website where you can confirm the fees.

  1. Collecting Your Attested Singleness Certificate

You can obtain the confirmed singleness certificate from the necessary authorities after the attestation procedure is finished. Your certified certificate and any other materials you provided will be returned to you.


The procedure of singleness certificate attestation in Dubai can be time-consuming and difficult. You must complete several stages and submit your documents to various government agencies. Attestation services can be helpful in this situation to get attested your certificate quickly and easily. The entire procedure can be handled by attestation services, who can also provide you with updates along the route. This will save you the time and stress of having to fill out your singleness certificate attestation incorrectly.

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