The Benefits of UAE Entry and Exit Certificate in Covid-19 Times

The Benefits of UAE Entry and Exit Certificate in Covid-19 Times

Are you looking to enter UAE or travel to UAE for work opportunities? You need to have ICA Report or UAE Entry and Exit Certificate ready for generating a work permit. The report is the record of entry & exit of individuals from the UAE. The certificate is provided by the Federal Authority of Identity and Citizenship (FAIC), the Government approved institute of the land.

The Covid-19 pandemic has resulted in the restricted entry of personnel from foreign countries, but the importance of the IRC report is still relevant for all. Take the help of companies & agencies who can help you effectively get the certificates. The service will help you obtain the reports needed to prove all your travel records in the UAE.

What is UAE Entry and Exit Certificate?

It is the certificate that records details of entry/exit in the UAE. ICA Report will show the travel history & movement of a resident (in or outside the UAE), which includes all details like entry/exit date, destination, and more. You need to get the report ready for easy travel & clearance of work in the region. No worries! Some agencies can help you get the right kind of certificate & clearance to enter the UAE.

The 2 kinds of Entry/Exit Travel Report are –

  1. Single Entry & Exit Travel Report: It shows the last travel status of the application.
  1. Detailed Entry/Exit Passenger Report: It reflects the full history of entry/exit status of the applicant.

The entry & exit certificate will ensure your entry into the country in simple terms. The details of the ICA report include arrival & departure destinations, transaction type, date, port name, passport number, and more. It helps the Government to track your travel details & maintain the level of security! Obtaining the certificates become simple with the help of expert agencies who does the attestation services.

The ICA report is a mandatory document to be uploaded while applying for the equivalent certificate. The residents also need to obtain the ICA report first to secure the tax residency certificate. The Covid-19 scenario has enforced a couple of changes in the entry within the UAE and it is better to reach out to professionals to be clearer of the current entry or exit scenario. The authorities have introduced special facilities for the business & working community that can be availed in an orderly manner.

There are multiple ways to apply for the UAE entry and Exit Certificate. Visit the DMCC portal to fill the form on your own & submit all the required documents and records. The other convenient way is to reach out to agents or agencies that can help you get the certificates with a small service cost. Make sure you contact GloboPrime for swifter processing of UAE Entry and exit certificates. They have all the Government level contacts to get the job done in quick time!

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