Best Ways to Acquire Spouse Visa in Dubai

Are you looking to shift your spouse to the working location or region? A spouse visa is one of the convenient options to bring your wife or husband to your place and then acquire the residency the right way. Dubai is the business destination of the Middle East and people from all over the world arrive at the place to enhance their incomes. It is also the ideal place to raise your family and thus spouse visa in Dubai becomes critical. Take the help of experts who can provide relevant ideas on acquiring visas for family members.

Our family is the support that helps us move forward in life! The right kind of spouse visa will assist sponsor to your partner to the Emirate and enjoy safe living. A husband is able to sponsor the visa of his wife if they meet some specific criteria. The husband needs to earn a minimum wage of AED 3000 with accommodation to get the relevant spouse visa for residency. Filling the application can be a tough task and thus need to be consulted with experts for best efforts.

Let us look at the eligibility criteria for sponsoring your spouse –

  • The male expatriates need to be earning a salary of AED 3000 to AED 4000 every month plus accommodation.
  • The female expatriates need to be earning a salary of AED 8000 plus the accommodation.
  • The female expatriate needs to have a minimum salary of AED 5000 in case they’re a doctor, engineer, and teacher.
  • The individual needs to pass the medical fitness tests and thus do the relevant checks for HIV & Tuberculosis.

Plan the shifting of your spouse to Dubai through relevant authorities and the valid issuing of documents. The spouse visa has some specific criteria and needs to be fulfilled the right way. Acquire a spouse visa in Dubai if you desire to transport your partner to your work destination. If you want to collect the correct details then reach out to experts who can help you fill the applications effectively. Consult with the professionals having relevant contacts in the government to get you the visas in the right manner.

Let us look at the list of required documents for a spouse visa –

  1. Fill up the application form along with the attested copy of the salary certificates.
  1. Attach the marriage certificate to your home country and to the foreign affairs department.
  1. Passport copy & visa page of the sponsor, passport copy of wide.
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