How Can I Get a School Transfer Certificate Attested For UAE

A School Transfer Certificate is a document that clearly states the grade level in which a student is currently enrolled or was promoted to at the end of the school year.The UAE Ministry of Education and KHDA require this in order to ensure that all students are placed in the correct grade level. Please keep in mind that the TC must be written in either English or Arabic. For more information, please see the TC templates attached as separate attachments.

What is the purpose of a Transfer Certificate (TC)?

  • A Transfer certificate is required for all students entering grades 2 through 12.
  • A Transfer certificate is only required for students attending Pre-K, KG1, KG2, and Grade 1 if they are moving from another school in Dubai.

Which attestation stamps are needed for my school transfer certificate (TC)?

It’s depending on the nation or emirate from which your child is transferring, transfer certificates must meet the following requirements:


KHDA TC from a previous/current school

Another Emirate in the UAE

United States, Canada, Western Europe, Australia or New Zealand

Only a school stamp and signature are required on the Transfer Certificate; no attestation is necessary.Except for the United Arab Emirates, the Middle East, South and Central America, Asia, former Russian states, Eastern Europe, and Africa are all represented.
  • Certificate of transfer with school stamp and signature
  • Attestation from the Ministry of Education (in the country of the school you are leaving)
  • Attestation from the UAE Embassy (in the country of the school you are leaving)

Asia, former Russian States, Eastern Europe and Africa

Attestation of a Transfer Certificate requires the following documents:

  • Original country-issued Transfer Certificate.
  • Copy of the transfer certificate holder’s passport.
  • a copy of one of the parents’ passport (in case of a minor)
    a letter of authorization (if required)

If I am unable to attest my transfer certificate in the country of issue, can I do it in UAE?

Although TCs can be authenticated within the UAE, it is crucial to note that not all embassies offer this service. Please contact the relevant Embassy prior to your migration if you wish to finish the attestation process in the UAE.The following are the attestation requirements:

Note: Please note that a student cannot begin at any schools in Dubai without first submitting a copy of their current/previous school’s official/original transfer certificate.