Getting Married Online in the UAE | Online Marriage in UAE

Getting Married Online in the UAE

Online marriage in the UAE. Step-by-step guide for eligibility, required documents, the process. Contact us for certificate attestation requirements in UAE

The UAE offers a modern and streamlined approach to marriage for eligible couples. Are you a non-Muslim resident of the UAE looking for a convenient way to tie the knot? Did you know that you may be able to get married online? Online civil marriage might be the perfect Option. The UAE offers remote civil marriage services, providing a streamlined process for eligible couples. In this blog post, we’ll cover everything you need to know about getting married online in the UAE and how to seamlessly attest your marriage certificate for legal use.


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What is Online Marriage in the UAE?

This service, offered by Dubai Courts, allows couples to obtain a legally recognized marriage contract online in the UAE. It eliminates the need for in-person visits to courts, offering greater convenience for couples.

What is the Eligibility for UAE Online Civil Marriage?

  • Non-Muslim: Both parties must be non-Muslim.
  • Residency: At least one partner must reside in Dubai with a valid Emirates ID.
  • Age: Minimum age of 21 years old for both partners.
  • Marital Status: Both partners must be unmarried (single, divorced, or widowed).

What are the Required Documents for online marriage in UAE?

  • Passport copies (for both partners)
  • Emirates ID (for the Dubai resident)
  • Attested certificates of singleness (e.g., single, divorced, widowed) issued by your respective embassies or home country a civil registry office, or a relevant government department in your home country.
  • Translations (if applicable): if the Documents not in Arabic or English must be officially translated.

What is the process for online marriage in UAE?

  1. Apply through UAE Pass: Start the application process for a marriage contract using your UAE Pass account.
  2. Receive Approval and Pay Fees: Get approval for your application and complete the payment process online.
  3. Virtual Appointment: Schedule a virtual appointment via WebEx (Video Conferencing) for the contract signing.
  4. Receive Your Marriage Contract: The final marriage contract with digital signatures will be issued to you.

UAE PASS is the national digital identity and digital signature solution for the United Arab Emirates. It essentially acts as your secure digital ID in the UAE.


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Once you have your online marriage certificate, it’s essential to have it attested to ensure its legal validity and recognition across various institutions within the UAE and internationally. 

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How to sponsor your parents to live in Dubai or Abu Dhabi?

Sponsoring Parents:


  • You must be a UAE resident with a valid visa and meet the minimum sponsorship salary requirement. This varies depending on your emirate and the number of family members you’re sponsoring. Here’s a breakdown:
    • Dubai:
      • Minimum salary of AED 4,000 per month for sponsoring one dependent.
      • Minimum salary increases for sponsoring additional dependents. (Check official Dubai government website for details:
    • Abu Dhabi:
      • Minimum salary of AED 4,000 per month with valid accommodation (e.g., rental agreement) for sponsoring one dependent.
      • Minimum salary increases for sponsoring additional dependents and specific requirements for accommodation size. (Check official Abu Dhabi government website for details:

You must have suitable accommodation with enough space for your parents to live comfortably. A valid tenancy contract (Ejari certificate) is required as proof of accommodation.

Documents Required:

  1. Your passport and valid UAE residence visa.
  2. Your employment contract and recent salary certificates.
  3. Proof of your accommodation (e.g., Ejari certificate or tenancy agreement).
  4. Your parents’ passports (valid for at least 6 months beyond the visa application date).
  5. Medical test reports for your parents from approved UAE health centers.
  6. Proof of your relationship with your parents (e.g., birth certificates).
  7. Additional documents might be required depending on your specific situation.

What are the requirements for sponsoring your spouse in the UAE?

The process for sponsoring your spouse is similar to sponsoring your parents, with some variations:

Eligibility: You must be legally married.

Documents Required:

Marriage certificate attested by the UAE embassy in your spouse’s home country, if applicable.

Proof of your spouse’s residency status (if already in the UAE).

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