Getting Married in Dubai as an Indian or Filipino in 2024

Gathering Documents to Marry in Dubai

Requirements and Procedures for Indians Getting Married in Dubai.

Getting married in Dubai as an Indian or Filipino national requires following certain procedures and submitting the right documentation. While it may seem daunting, being prepared and working with knowledgeable professionals can ensure the process goes smoothly. Here are the key steps and latest requirements as of 2023:

Choosing the Wedding Venue

For Indians and Filipinos of Christian faith, churches in Dubai will perform marriage ceremonies. Be prepared that churches often have their own sets of rules and fees.

Muslim couples must be married at an Islamic court. At least two male Muslim witnesses must be present. Afterwards, couples can host a celebration at a separate venue.

Hotels and event spaces are also options for civil ceremonies for non-Muslims.

Gathering the Paperwork

The exact documents required depend on nationality and religion, but here are some common requirements:

  • Passport copies
  • Certificate of No Impediment to Marry from the Embassy or Consulate
  • Birth certificates
  • For previously married applicant: divorce decree or death certificate of spouse

Additional requirements may include:

  • Pre-marital counseling certificates
  • Parental consent if under 25
  • First wife’s consent for Muslim men

Filing with the Consulate

Filipinos must file paperwork with the Philippine consulate. Indians can file with the consulate or directly with the court. Getting assistance from a marriage service can help ensure completeness.

Medical Exam

If one person is on a visitor visa, a medical exam must be passed beforehand.

Residency Status

To marry in Dubai, at least one person must have a valid UAE residence visa. This makes marriage often easier for couples where one partner is a UAE resident.

Additional Requirements for Filipinos:

CENOMAR document

  • Parental advice if ages 21-25
  • Guidance counseling certificate

Additional requirements for Indians:

  • Affidavit form
  • Application form
  • Marriage report

To marry in Dubai, at least one partner must have a valid UAE residence visa. This makes it easiest if one partner is a Dubai resident. If both are visitors, a medical exam must be passed first.

Planning Tips

  • Hire a wedding planner to assist with Dubai requirements
  • Book venues 6 months to 1 year in advance
  • Confirm documents with your embassy
  • Hire a photographer who knows best spots
  • Tailor outfits to respect local traditions
  • Check on any restrictions for venue or church

With proper planning and support, Indian and Filipino couples can have a beautiful wedding in Dubai. Reach out to consulates, local wedding experts, and legal services for guidance.

Attesting the Marriage Certificate

Once married, the Dubai court will issue a marriage certificate. This document needs to go through a process of attestation and legalization before it can be used for legal purposes outside the UAE.

For Filipinos:

  • Get the marriage certificate attested by the Philippine Embassy in the UAE
  • Upon returning to the Philippines, get it authenticated by the Department of Foreign Affairs Manila

For Indians:

  • Get the marriage certificate attested by the Indian Embassy in the UAE
  • Upon returning to India, get it authenticated by the Ministry of External Affairs in Delhi

Attestation ensures the marriage certificate will be recognized as legally valid in India and the Philippines.

It’s recommended to get several original attested copies, as they may be required for:

  • Applying for a visa for your spouse
  • Changing your marital status for passport and other IDs
  • Registering the marriage in your home country

Properly attesting the marriage certificate avoids future challenges or delays in legal procedures requiring proof of the Dubai wedding.


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