How Can I Get My Marriage Certificate Attested in the UAE?

One of the happiest things for a man living abroad is getting an opportunity to bring his spouse or family with him there. There are a few essential procedures that need to be followed before moving to a new country with your spouse.

Thus, when planning to move abroad with your spouse, you need to grow through the documentation process. Without the documentation process, you can’t move to a foreign country. Once the documentation process is over, the next crucial step is authentication. The most effective way to authenticate your certificates is the attestation, especially marriage certificate attestation required if you bring your spouse or family with you.

According to UAE law, it is not legal for a couple to live together if they are not married. Every step needs to be completed to fulfil the attestation process. With the help of the attestation service in Dubai, you can rest assured that all the attestation is completed on your marriage certificate to use in the Globoprime.

Here is an overview of the process involved for attestation:

  1. Attestation from Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the home country

For a marriage certificate to become genuine it should be attested after notarization’s authority. The apex body for authorizing is the ministry of external affairs of the issuing country.

  1. Attestation from the embassy of the UAE

After receiving attestation from the ministry of in the home country, the documents are then taken to the UAE embassy located in your home country. The UAE embassy will only attest the certificate, after ensuring that the certificate is attested by the required authorities of your home country.

  1. MOFA attestation for a marriage certificate in the UAE

As a final step, the ministry of foreign affairs checks and certifies the genuineness of the documents.

Before submitting the documents for attestation, you need to ensure that the marriage certificates contain the following information:

  • Your name and spouse name
  • Age of both the applicants
  • Date and Place of marriage
  • Address of both the applicants
  • Name of the witnesses
  • Institution that officiated the marriage
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