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Mofa Attestation Services in UAE
Moving abroad in search of employment opportunities, education, business, real estate, and investment has become a common feature among millennials. However, along with a valid passport and visa, an individual also needs to attest documents to prove their authenticity abroad. The most important part of planning to secure a work permit or admission in a college or university abroad is certainly document attestation.
For Expats planning to move to Dubai and the rest of the UAE, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) is responsible for attesting the documents locally in UAE so that documents can be used locally. Applying for a student visa, sponsoring your family under the family visa status, residency visa, or employment visa, you need to present the required documents to the local UAE embassy in your home country only then can the MOFA attestation in UAE can be completed.
The Procedure of MOFA Attestation for educational documents:
To get the MOFA attestation, an individual is required to follow the below-given steps:

  • First of all, the educational documents must be verified by the HRD or Home Department in the state of the origin of the certificates.
  • In the case of documents originating from Europe, the US, Australia, or other countries, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs attestation and Ministry of Education attestation must be completed
  • Then, documents are sent to the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) for all Indian documents that will authenticate the documents based on the HRD/HD’s verification and provide the stamp on the documents.
  • Once MEA attestation / Ministry of Foreign Affairs attestation is complete, you are required to submit the documents to the UAE embassy in your home country for verification.

Once your documents are verified by the HRD/HD, MEA, and the UAE embassy, then you can forward these documents for MOFA attestation in Dubai to get them attested so that the documents can be validated and used for the necessary paperwork/visa application in UAE.
How much time does the entire process of MOFA attestation take?
In general, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs can complete the attestation work in one to two working days. However, in case of emergency, MOFA attestation can also be done on the same day given that the UAE embassy has stamped your documents in your home country. MOFA attests the documents only when it verifies the bar code that is affixed on the UAE embassy stamp from the home of the applicant.
For the same-day attestation, the original document can be taken physically and submitted to the MOFA and the fee charge is paid either via the E Dirham card, credit card, or cash. After paying the charges, the token is issued. When your token number comes up, you take the certificate/s to the counter and this is stamped within a few minutes.
This means, MOFA attestation is a quick process and does not take much time.
A new introduction to the MOFA attestation is now in play. This means that if you have a single certificate to attest and your own personal certificate that needs the MOFA attestation, you can go directly to the MOFA office in Bur Dubai without uploading the certificate online.
But if you have more than 5 certificates for MOFA attestation in Dubai, it becomes mandatory for the certificates first to be uploaded on the MOFA site. The payment also has to be done online.
Once the above step is completed, you can remove a printout of the payment receipt and take this along with the certificates that require MOFA attestation.
Securing documents attestation from various authorities can be cumbersome. In the case of Indian certificates /documents, they are required to be submitted first to the Home Department, then to MEA, and then to the UAE embassy in the home country. Only then, MOFA attestation can be done. This means the overall procedure can be hectic. So, the assistance of an attestation service provider can be beneficial in making the process stress-free and hassle-free.

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