How do you get a copy of your lost birth certificate in the U.A.E?

The best and safest way to get a copy of birth certificate in UAE. If your child is born in the UAE, irrespective of your nationalityyou can obtain the duplicate birth certificate in UAE. Your child’s birth certificate must be reissued from the Ministry of Health and then attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Our service enables customers to request the issue of a replacement / for an original birth certificate  They also provide other certificates related to marriages, birth, death. They provide services in 50 cities in the USA. You can easily obtain your copy as well as original birth certificate using their services. You just have to register yourself by filling a form mentioned on their website. They have a system which ensures all your vital records in time.

If the applicant for a replacement certificate is currently living abroad,original documents are required plus the power of attorney of representative assigned to receive the certificate, or a faxed letter indicating his authorization for that person to receive the certificate on his behalf, stamped by the UAE embassy in the applicant’s country and showing the code of the country in which he is resident


  1. Copy of the birth certificate, if any
  2. Copy and original certificate of parents’ marriage (where the marriage occurred outside the UAE, the
    marriage certificate must be attested by the UAE Embassy in the country of marriage and the UAE Ministry
    of Foreign Affairs)
  3. Copies and originals of father’s and mother’s passports (in the case of expatriates, a copy of the valid
    residence license is required)
  4. The presence of the father is required, or his representative under an official proxy
    Copy of the ID card, with the original document
    Copy and original of the family book for nationals (where the mother is not a national, her passport and
    valid residence permit are required)
  5. Original birth notification with all relevant stamps
    Letter from the police station confirming the loss of the birth certificate
    In case of a parent’s death, the legal notice and death certificate are required

Once the required documents and
original copies are verified, the duplicate
birth certificate will be issued by ministry of health Then our representative can collect the reissued birth certificate.

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