What is Document Attestation? And How to do it?

Introduction: -

A common problem that peoples face is that they find themselves in legal nightmares, with no way to avoid them. It’s happened to many of us—we’ve done something wrong, and the evidence was there all along.


Now you can put an end to your worries with this post, which will teach you how to prove your innocence or claim compensation for the wrongs committed against you! So, please read this article carefully till the end, and know everything about it. 


Document attestation is the process of proving that your documentation is authentic and valid. The need for it arises when you have submitted documents for a foreign application or one that requires an apostille or legalization. You may also need to get your certificate attested when a government agency has issued it.

Why do we need to get our documents attested?

To ensure that all the legal documentation required for an application is authentic, the applicant needs to undergo a procedure called document attestation.


While the word ‘attestation’ may seem familiar to you, what exactly constitutes Knowing the people who can attest to your documents is essential when accessing government benefits or applying for jobs. 

Attestation may include: -

Authentication of certificates, diplomas, degrees and other documents issued by educational institutions/organizations in India. This is done by the Secretary of the concerned university or educational board in their office.


Attestation of documents issued by Notary or Registrar of the location. This is done in their office/chamber/consulate/etc. For example, an affidavit needs to be attested by a notary public. A document submitted for government services need to be certified by a registrar or sub-registrar authorized for the purpose.

Who can attest to documents?

Knowing the people who can attest to your documents is essential when accessing government benefits or applying for jobs. This article will go over the types of individuals who can attest to your record, their qualifications, and what you need them to do in order for the document to be valid.


If you are planning on presenting a document as proof of citizenship, employment eligibility, or even combat service, then understanding who can attest that you are telling the truth about it is imperative. The importance of this knowledge becomes more apparent when one intends to receive government benefits or apply for jobs. In order to receive government benefits or apply for a job, you can’t simply present a document alone without any external verification of its legitimacy. If you do, then any potential benefits or employment may be out of reach.

Final Words: -

Specific individuals who know the signer in people, such as a relative or close friend, have the power to attest to the authenticity of a document. This kind of attestation is considered acceptable legal evidence in most states. In order for attestation from a third party to qualify as valid legal evidence, it must be carried out before a notary public or other official agent.

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