Top Benefits of Hiring Document Attestation Services

Top Benefits of Hiring Document Attestation Services

Document Attestation Services

You need authenticated documents to start a business or apply for a foreign education course. You need to get the documents attested at the right time to travel internationally and complete the work within timelines. Document attestation is the process of verifying the authenticity of documents with help of some expert assistance. The service providers are carrying the documents to relevant Government departments to get the attestation done correctly. Make sure that the right professionals are contacted to get the attestation done in a quick time.


Do you wish to authenticate the documents? Refer to the reputed document attestation service to get the best assistance. The service providers don’t take a long time in responding and do the attestation work in quick succession. You can rely on the experts to get guidance on completing the task in the allotted timeframe. There are multiple benefits of document attestation services and individuals need to know them well before contacting experts. A general idea related to the attestation service will help you find the documents ready for use in relevant departments.

Let us look at some of the top benefits of document attestation services –

It is vital to prove the identity of the individual

For using the documents in a foreign country, it is important to verify the identity of the user and attestation is the most reliable way across the world. The identity verification is done by the local authorities of the individual and it is the set pattern for all countries.


It assists in the eradication of deceptive legal methods

The other significant benefit of the document attestation service is that it assists in the abolishment of legalized procedures. The use of shortcuts in getting the business started with fraudulent documents is almost negligible due to attestation.

It provides relief to the individual to verify their documents abroad

One of the crucial advantages of using the document attestation service is that there is no need for verification of documents in the foreign country and the work can be concluded in quick time. Get relief from the hectic process of document verification and come up with the desired results.

It is the internationally accepted norm

The other crucial thing is that the document attestation process is an accepted norm across the globe and thus ensures easy transport of individuals across different nations. Complete the pending tasks in the foreign land with help of attested documents.

What Are Different Types of Documents and Their Attestation Processes?

The Government of UAE requires many people to get their documents attested for a variety of reasons. Usually, people need to do it for employment, education, and migration in a foreign country to authenticate their documents to use abroad. Document attestation is the process where a document gets validated and reviewed before getting a visa, work permit, or admission to a foreign country. An attested document ensures that your documents are genuine for legal and official purposes in another country.

There are different types of documents that need to go through the attestation process for different kinds of legal and official purposes. These documents are classified as education documents, non-educational documents, and commercial documents. The process of attestation of these documents is a bit different due to the involvement of different types of authorizations and review processes to examine their authenticity. For example, an educational document needs HRD attestation while there is no need for HRD attestation for a non-educational document.

Educational documents

Educational documents are the academic certificates ussies by colleges and universities after the completion of professional courses. SSC, HSC, diploma degree, engineering degree, Ph.D. degree, UG degree, and so on are considered educations documents and need to be attested for student visa applications for higher education in a foreign country.

Attestation process of educational documents

Step 1: Educational documents are pre-authenticated from respective state HRD

Step 2: Attestation of documents from the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) 

Step 3: Embassy attestation 


Non-educational documents

Non-educational documents are personal documents that include marriage certificates, birth certificates, medical certificates, employment certificates, and many more. These documents are attested to proceed with a visa application for specific purposes.Attestation process of non-educational documentsStep 1: All personal documents are pre-authenticated from Home Departments in respective states where documents were issued.Step 2: Attestation of documents from the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA)Step 3: Embassy Attestation

Commercial documents

Commercial documents are the business documents that are required to get attested for business purposes in a foreign country. These documents include trade licenses, company incorporation certificates, Articles of Association, Memorandum of Association, and many more.Attestation process of commercial documentsStep 1: Commercial documents are attested by the Chamber of Commerce in the initial stage.Step 2: Attestation of documents from the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA)Step 3: Embassy Attestation
These are the common facts that you need to know about document attestation before applying for a visa. It helps you determine what kind of attestation services you required for your specific purposes to visit a foreign country. Contact us to know more about document attestation services in UAE.

What is Document Attestation? And How to do it?

Introduction: -

A common problem that peoples face is that they find themselves in legal nightmares, with no way to avoid them. It’s happened to many of us—we’ve done something wrong, and the evidence was there all along.


Now you can put an end to your worries with this post, which will teach you how to prove your innocence or claim compensation for the wrongs committed against you! So, please read this article carefully till the end, and know everything about it. 


Document attestation is the process of proving that your documentation is authentic and valid. The need for it arises when you have submitted documents for a foreign application or one that requires an apostille or legalization. You may also need to get your certificate attested when a government agency has issued it.

Why do we need to get our documents attested?

To ensure that all the legal documentation required for an application is authentic, the applicant needs to undergo a procedure called document attestation.


While the word ‘attestation’ may seem familiar to you, what exactly constitutes Knowing the people who can attest to your documents is essential when accessing government benefits or applying for jobs. 

Attestation may include: -

Authentication of certificates, diplomas, degrees and other documents issued by educational institutions/organizations in India. This is done by the Secretary of the concerned university or educational board in their office.


Attestation of documents issued by Notary or Registrar of the location. This is done in their office/chamber/consulate/etc. For example, an affidavit needs to be attested by a notary public. A document submitted for government services need to be certified by a registrar or sub-registrar authorized for the purpose.

Who can attest to documents?

Knowing the people who can attest to your documents is essential when accessing government benefits or applying for jobs. This article will go over the types of individuals who can attest to your record, their qualifications, and what you need them to do in order for the document to be valid.


If you are planning on presenting a document as proof of citizenship, employment eligibility, or even combat service, then understanding who can attest that you are telling the truth about it is imperative. The importance of this knowledge becomes more apparent when one intends to receive government benefits or apply for jobs. In order to receive government benefits or apply for a job, you can’t simply present a document alone without any external verification of its legitimacy. If you do, then any potential benefits or employment may be out of reach.

Final Words: -

Specific individuals who know the signer in people, such as a relative or close friend, have the power to attest to the authenticity of a document. This kind of attestation is considered acceptable legal evidence in most states. In order for attestation from a third party to qualify as valid legal evidence, it must be carried out before a notary public or other official agent.

Why Need Commercial Document Attestation? – All to Know About it

Attestation is mainly the method to verify the documents from an authorized department. It includes the submission of original documents to the authorized employee for verification & stamping in the guided area. As the name suggests, commercial documents attestation is the verification of business documents for international trade. It can be hectic for the owners or inexperienced professionals to get the attestation done on their own & thus contact commercial documents attestation services for easy issuing of the documents.Are you looking to import/export things to a foreign country or be part of the international business community? You need to get the documents attested for the registration of the business. The aim of the process is to verify the identity of a business & achieve its financial goals. It is the form of license or permission granted by the destination country. The source of producing a valid commercial document is the home country of the individual & the consulate is the head of issuing the attestation. The right of commercial document attestation services will get the documents in quick time.

Here is the list of documents needed for commercial document attestation –

Make sure you have a commercial invoice if doing business in a foreign country. The documents are mainly needed at the time of exporting the product via international borders. To show the records in the other country, businesses need to get the documents attested from the place of origin. The documents have important details like the manufacturing origin, the transport of goods, involved parties, & more. Make sure that the documents are attested at the right time to get the business going in its full motion.

Here are the top benefits of commercial document attestation –

  • It is facilitating the businesses at different levels, both nationally & internationally.
  • It becomes the verified papers as part of the legal documents.
  • It makes the business credible & recognizes the past business records.
  • It cements to business roots in the foreign land.
  • It makes the business motives transparent & legalized.

Are you planning to start or open a new branch abroad? Make sure you have the attested documents ready before applying to a foreign country. The attested commercial documents are part of the priority list to be fulfilled. Only after that, businesses get the visa approval for the job. The commercial license or abroad sponsorship can only be achieved only after showcasing the attested documents from the native country.

To get the attestations done in quick time, it is advised to contact commercial documents attestation services. The experts have the right contacts to verify the contacts early & get the attestation done in the shortest time. It is always hard for individuals to get the documents attested in a short period on their own. Reach out to professionals to get the attestation done in an affordable way.

A Brief Guide on Canadian Pilot License Attestation

Canada is one of the leading countries that offer the best-in-class flight training. So, it is common for Canadian-trained pilots to work in various countries around the world. If you are also required to have your Canadian pilot license and other documents recognized in another country, then working with an attestation agency will make the whole process much easier.

When you are asked for Canadian pilot license attestation, you must first understand what exactly that means. In Canada, attestation (as well as apostille) refers to the authentication and legalization of your pilot’s license. It is done to make sure that your pilot license can be accepted abroad when you decide to fly an aircraft in another country. The process typically involves three steps – document preparation, authentication, and legalization to obtain a stamp and signature on the pilot license.

The process “apostille” is used for document legalization in countries that are part of the Hague Convention. Since Canada is not a signatory to the Hague Convention, the apostille is not performed for pilot licenses or any other documents. Only attestation is used when there is a requirement of authenticating and legalizing a Canadian certificate, license, or document.

What You Must Know About Pilot License Attestation

  • The original Pilot License is not attested as it is too small to place the stamps and doesn’t contain a signature identified by Global Affairs Canada. You can authenticate and legalize only a certified true copy made by the Canadian Notary Republic.
  • Not all countries require attested or apostilled licenses and certificates. So, first, find out whether the country where you are planning to operate an aircraft requires you to authenticate and legalize your pilot license or not.
  • It is mandatory to get your pilot license’s true copy notarized by a Canadian Notary Public to complete the process of pilot license attestation.

How much time does it take to get a Canadian Pilot License attested?

The process of pilot license attestation can take one day to two weeks.

The time frame of completing the authenticating and legalization of pilot licenses varies depending on various factors. For instance:

  • If the process will be handled by mail
  • The processing time it takes at different points, such as notary, embassy, or consulate
  • The service of an attestation agency

If you want to handle the process yourself by mail, it might take a minimum of 15 business days at Global Affairs Canada alone and an additional time of 1 day to 2 weeks for completing the legalization process at the embassy or consulate, given that you have submitted all the required documents and completed all the steps correctly.

So, if you want to complete the pilot license attestation in a minimum time, it is always best to hire the services of an attestation agency. They know the complete process by heart and do it on an everyday basis. So, there are negligible chances that the attestation process of your pilot license is denied or delayed. In short, it will save you from the hassle of visiting authorities now and then and free you from any worries regarding attestation.

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