Why Are Degree Certificate Attestation Services So Important?

Degree certificates work as proof of one’s education qualification & expertise in a particular field. The degree certificate attestation process is the legalization of the degree certificate to be showcased to the institutes for admission. When applying for a foreign university or college, all documents need to be verified and attested before submission. It helps the institute verify the document’s genuinity. Reach out to a degree certificate attestation service provider to get the job done in quick time through valuable contacts.

The process of document attestation is implemented by the home government granting permission to enter a foreign country. At the time of procuring the visa, the concerned government office needs to have approval about the benefits of the individual before issuing it. The method of document attestation can be hard or hectic for some and thus reaching out to an experienced service provider will be a better idea. Make sure that the attestation provider is having the right contacts in the ministry or departments to get the documents attested.

The degree certificate attestation is working as the procedure to legalize the educational documents that require the attestation stamp from the concerned authority. Individuals need to get the educational documents attested early if they have plans to go to a foreign university for higher education.

The detailed procedure for attestation is as follows –

Regional Level Attestation

It is the first level of the document verification process and the authentication is done with the notary or the University from where it is issued.

State Government Attestation

The authentication of certificates from states is performed by three different departments – SHD (State Home Department), HRD (Human Resource Department), and SDM (Sub-Divisional Magistrate).

MEA Stamp Attestation

The Ministry of External Affairs or MEA is the lat level of authentication from the government & after it an MEA stamp is applied to the original document. MEA works as the central department that deals with foreign matters of the country.

Embassy Attestation

It is the type of attestation done by the officials of the respective country that are being attested for. This is referred to as the final stage of certification for most nations after the MEA.

The procedure of document attestation varies depending on the origin or the type of document. The degree certificates are the proof of higher education done in the country and the secured marks. It provides the right details to the institution about the higher education performed by the individual. Reach out to a degree certificate attestation service provider who can get you the documents in a quick time. It is better to rely on a professional team with contacts in the MEA or other departments for verification.

The attestation service is all about getting the employment visa in a foreign country and it requires the attestation of the original degree certificates first from the country the degree has been issued. Reach out to a company that can get you the attested documents in a quick time!

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