How Does MOFA (Ministry Of Foreign Affairs) Help?

Attestation is the professional process of declaring the truthfulness of the contents of a document or certificate. The Ministry Of Foreign Affairs is ensuring the attestation of original documents of the individual by all-round verification.

If you’re to start a new business unit in a foreign country then there needs to be a careful evaluation of the individual’s & entity’s documents. The MOFA (Ministry Of Foreign Affairs) is ensuring the attestation of original documents of the individual by all-round verification. Finding the right kind of attestation services becomes important in getting the documents signed at the right time! MEA is handling all aspects related to foreign countries and thus ensures that all the verification is done in quick time.

MOFA is the government department that relates to the foreign affairs of the respective nation. Authentication is done after the evaluation of the certificates and getting them verified from the relevant forums. It is a sensitive matter to check the background of documents that are of utmost importance for any legal process. The foreign institutions are relying on the attested documents to make the right selection of individuals and they rest assure of the original outlook of the person.


You need MOFA (Ministry Of Foreign Affairs) for the following reasons –

  • For attaining higher education in the foreign land
  • For working abroad or starting a new avenue or business in the new country
  • For migration needs

To obtain the residential visa

The attestation service depended on the country it is being acquired for and the requirements consider verification of all kinds of documents. If the government authorities of the relevant country find that their certificates of an individual are duplicate & not original, then they don’t provide any kind of approval & the person will not get the certificates attested at the right time. Strict actions are taken against people providing fake documents and the attestation service proves that the documents carried by the immigrants are original & making the international gatherings simple.

The procedures allowed in the MOFA attestation are –

Region Level

It is the starting of the document authentication process and legalization can be done with help of a notary from where the documents are issued or from the Chamber of Commerce.

State Level

In it, the documents are attested by the state registered organizations like education or personal certificate to use in another country. The document can be attested from other documents like SHD (State Home Department), HRD (Human Resource Department), and SDM (Sub-Division Magistrate).

Central Level (MEA)

It is the attestation service needed in the end stage of authentication where the submitted documents will have the MEA sticker on them for completion of the attestation process.

Reach out to a reputed Ministry of Foreign Affairs Attestation service that will help you get the job done in a quick time. The professionals are having the right connections in the department and they ensure that document signing is taking place on easy terms. Rest assured of getting the best assistance from service providers to get the documents signed rightly by the respective departments. It is meant to ease the pain of individuals in acquiring the right kind of documents attested.