What Are Different Types of Documents and Their Attestation Processes?

The Government of UAE requires many people to get their documents attested for a variety of reasons. Usually, people need to do it for employment, education, and migration in a foreign country to authenticate their documents to use abroad. Document attestation is the process where a document gets validated and reviewed before getting a visa, work permit, or admission to a foreign country. An attested document ensures that your documents are genuine for legal and official purposes in another country.

There are different types of documents that need to go through the attestation process for different kinds of legal and official purposes. These documents are classified as education documents, non-educational documents, and commercial documents. The process of attestation of these documents is a bit different due to the involvement of different types of authorizations and review processes to examine their authenticity. For example, an educational document needs HRD attestation while there is no need for HRD attestation for a non-educational document.

Educational documents

Educational documents are the academic certificates ussies by colleges and universities after the completion of professional courses. SSC, HSC, diploma degree, engineering degree, Ph.D. degree, UG degree, and so on are considered educations documents and need to be attested for student visa applications for higher education in a foreign country.

Attestation process of educational documents

Step 1: Educational documents are pre-authenticated from respective state HRD

Step 2: Attestation of documents from the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) 

Step 3: Embassy attestation 


Non-educational documents

Non-educational documents are personal documents that include marriage certificates, birth certificates, medical certificates, employment certificates, and many more. These documents are attested to proceed with a visa application for specific purposes.Attestation process of non-educational documentsStep 1: All personal documents are pre-authenticated from Home Departments in respective states where documents were issued.Step 2: Attestation of documents from the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA)Step 3: Embassy Attestation

Commercial documents

Commercial documents are the business documents that are required to get attested for business purposes in a foreign country. These documents include trade licenses, company incorporation certificates, Articles of Association, Memorandum of Association, and many more.Attestation process of commercial documentsStep 1: Commercial documents are attested by the Chamber of Commerce in the initial stage.Step 2: Attestation of documents from the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA)Step 3: Embassy Attestation
These are the common facts that you need to know about document attestation before applying for a visa. It helps you determine what kind of attestation services you required for your specific purposes to visit a foreign country. Contact us to know more about document attestation services in UAE.