A Guide to Engineering Certificate Attestation for UAE, Saudi, Kuwait, Oman, and Qatar

Engineering certificate attestation

What is Certificate Attestation?

Certificate attestation is an essential requirement for engineers looking to work or study in the GCC countries. With stringent regulations regarding document attestation, it is crucial to follow the proper procedures. This blog provides a comprehensive guide to engineering certificate attestation for the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman, and Qatar.

What is Engineering Certificate Attestation?

Certificate attestation is the legalization and verification of documents like educational certificates, mark sheets, and professional qualifications by authorized departments and bodies. This validation confirms the authenticity and legitimacy of the documents.

Why is Certificate Attestation Necessary?

In the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman, and Qatar, certificate attestation is mandatory for securing engineering employment, higher education, and professional licenses. Without proper attestation, engineering documents are not recognized.

Documents Required for Attestation:

  • Engineering degree certificate
  • Transcripts/mark sheets
  • Any relevant educational qualifications
  • Passport copy
  • Visa copy
  • ID proofs

Additionally, specific documents may be needed as per the regulatory bodies in each country.

Step-by-Step Process of Certificate Attestation:

Step-by-Step Process of Certificate Attestation:

What is Certificate Attestation?

  1. Get the documents attested by the university/college.
  2. Verify documents from the State Education Department.
  3. Get attestation from the Ministry of External Affairs.
  4. Final embassy attestation in the destination country.

Country-Specific Requirements:

UAE: Additional attestation from UAE Embassy required.

Saudi Arabia: Verification from Saudi Cultural Mission needed.

Kuwait: Validation from Kuwait Embassy necessary.

Oman: Attestation from Oman Embassy compulsory.

Qatar: Qatar Embassy attestation is a must.

Tips for Smooth Attestation:

  • Use specialized attestation services
  • Ensure documents are accurate and updated
  • Follow specific requirements of each country
  • Plan timelines to avoid delays


Proper certificate attestation is indispensable for engineers in the GCC region. By understanding the procedures and requirements, engineers can ensure their qualifications are duly attested and recognized.