Your Guide on How to Apply for Police Clearance Certificate (PCC) in the UAE

In the UAE, a police clearance certificate is required for many purposes, such as work, study, immigration, obtaining licenses, and others. A Police Clearance Certificate (PCC) is the documentary proof of your good conduct in the country. It can be applied by both applicants who are residing currently in the UAE and those who are no longer living in the UAE. So, what is this certificate meant for?What is a Police Clearance Certificate?Also called Good Conduct Certificate, PCC is the proof of the criminal record or the lack of criminal record of the mentioned person in the emirate he/she resides. This certificate is issued by police departments throughout the UAE and indicates that the person is not accused of committing any crime or doesn’t have any criminal precedents.It is often needed when you apply for an international education programme or are going to join a job abroad.

How to apply for Police Clearance Certificate?

You can apply for the Police Clearance Certificate either online through the Ministry of Interior’s website or through your smartphone mobile app MOI UAE available on iTunes and Google Play.If you aren’t confident, worry about making a mistake, or don’t have enough time for all this, you also have the alternative of hiring an attestation agency that can help you with the issuance of the Police Clearance Certificate as well. They will provide complete assistance right from filling the application form to paying applicable fees. They will make the whole process easy breezy for you. All you need is to reach out to them.In Dubai, the service is available offline through the Police Head Quarters in Al Qiyada as well as online through the Dubai Police website or Dubai Police Smart App.

Sample of UAE PCC Attested

What are the documents needed for the issuance of a Police Clearance Certificate?

Along with the application form designed for Police Clearance Certificate, you, as an applicant, will need to submit the following documents:

  • A valid Emirates ID card
  • A letter from the beneficiary indicating that you don’t have any pending criminal convictions
  • A recent passport-size photograph
  • A copy of your passport


What is the process of getting a Police Clearance Certificate for Former UAE Residents?

In the case you are not currently living in the UAE, you will need to provide your fingerprint card from the country you are currently residing in. Then, you will need to get it attested by the UAE embassy. The fingerprint card is an official document from the police department concerned that verifies the person’s identity depending on their biometrics and decimal fingerprint. Then, you can send your request for PCC online to the MOI – UAE portal or Dubai Police website.


What are the documents to be submitted by former UAE residents for PCC?

Here are the documents you will need to submit if you are a former UAE resident and applying for a police clearance certificate:

  • Fingerprint Card attested by the UAE Embassy
  • Two recent passport-sized photographs
  • A copy of valid passport
  • A copy of the last UAE visa
  • The reason for the application


If you are finding things complicated or in hurry to get the Police Clearance Certificate, just hire a professional and get it in the minimum time possible.