How To Exchange Your Home Country Driver’s License for a UAE Driver’s License

If you’re from this 34 countries then you are eligible to transfer your existing driving licences into a UAE licence: GCC countries like Saudi, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman, Bahrain and most of the European countries like Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, Denmark, Germany, Greece, Finland, France, Ireland, Norway, the Netherlands, Greece, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey and the UK,As well as the US, Canada, South Africa, Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, South Korea, New Zealand and Australia and live in UAE and wish to transfer your home country’s driver’s license to a UAE license, you will need the below list of documents to convert your driving license in UAEDocuments required are , residence visa, driving licence and an eye test certificate for which two passport photos are necessary. In Abu Dhabi, the eye test is done directly at the Traffic and Licensing Department in Mushrif.
  • Passport Copy
  • A valid driving license
  • Valid residence visa issued in UAE
  • A completed form of replacement of license
  • No objection letter (NOC) from sponsor to replace license and
  • Optometry form accredited by the Health Authority in UAE
  • eye test certificate for which two passport photos are necessary.
Here are the steps to take to transfer your driver’s license to a UAE driving license:Step 1. Get an Optician’s testFirst, you need to have an eye test from an optician or clinic; for this, you’ll need two passport photos and you’ll need to inform them that the eye test is for a driving license conversion. Most opticians do the test; some for free, some for a small fee.Many of RTA’s driving centres have opticians on site to help speed-up the conversion process for you.Step 2. Visit RTA Driving License Centre (Al Qusais)Take all of the above required documents with you, as well as a copy of your passport, residency visa and your original passport. Don’t miss your eye test certificate, and passport photos.The transfer fee and new driving file costs in Dubai is approx. AED 360. Expect extra fees for knowledge fees and a handbook manual, too.Pro tip: If you are a lady , remember going to the ladies section is less congested and quickerCurrently, UAE expats looking to swap their non UAE driving license for a UAE driving license have been informed by RTA that their existing driving license of their country needs to go through a legalisation process. This means that driving license has to be verified by Chamber of commerce in some countries, then the Foreign Affairs and lastly the UAE embassy in the home country of origination of the driving license. Lastly, we have to do the Ministry of Foreign Affairs attestation in UAE.The above process proves the authenticity of the driving license and the RTA do not hesitate in issuing a UAE driving license to swap the other country driving license.We have a number of calls these days from clients who have an Oman driving license looking to swap to a UAE driving license or a US driving license to swap into a UAE driving license. They said that the respective consulates are NOT issuing any documentation to verify the driving license. The RTA are advising them to secure legalisation of driving license for UAE .If you require the service of attestation of your driving license for UAE from the UAE embassy, please feel free to get in touch with GloboPrime on 04-2394809 or Email Us: